Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Wonderfulness

It was a wonderful, fun filled, relaxing weekend here at the Bruckner household..
Saturday, T and I totally rearranged and organized his bedroom. We ended up taking out 5 black trash bags of junk.(5!!) A lot of that was broken toys and clothes that had holes, but still….5 bags!! He has now gotten rid of 99% of his toys now, leaving only things such as art supplies, books, and sports supplies. My boys are growing up!!

J is full swing into basketball. These practices everyday are taking a lot of getting used to. And they have a pre season tournament already Friday. He seems to like it, but has already informed me he does not think he wants to go out for track. Thursday we have to take the boys to the dentist and plan on getting his basketball shoes. I am usually on the ball with that sort of thing, but it seriously snuck up on me this year.

We had a wonderful time Trick or Treating Halloween night. This was J’s last year dressing up. Next year he wants to have a buddy over, and pass out candy while T, D, and I trick or treat. Anyway, it was just a wonderful night with beautiful weather, and D and I talked about how many years now we have trudged though mounds of leaves and snow, and tried to remember all the different costumes our boys had dressed up as. We did notice there were quite a few “regulars” that didn’t have their porch light on. I know our neighbor has the flu. I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

Friday I made popcorn balls. My grandmother used to make them every year for it just isn’t fall time without them. I am a popcorn ball snob. I hate popcorn balls that are hard. I like mine soft and sticky. My boys gobbled them up, so I am thinking I need to make more of them…you know…for them.

Saturday we finally got Kirby back in with his mom so ALL of our little cow herd it together. My brother and Kim helped us get him in….I manned the gate. I didn’t freak out once, but wasn’t being chased by Crazy Cow either. Car or not, there is just something scary about being chased by an animal, with horns, that out weighs you by 800+ lbs. It was a lot of fun. I can’t believe how much I enjoy being around cows again. We are banding the calves next weekend. Should be fun. HAHA D and I have had this on going debate about which is better: Banding, which cuts off the circulation, and about 2 weeks later the “sack” just falls off, or cutting, which involves splitting the sack open, popping those babies out, and sending on thier way to heal, and dealing with possible infection and flies.

I won. =-)*

I need to post pics of D’s baby buns. They are the cutest, fluffiest, balls of cuteness EVER. They look like they could be on the cover of an Easter card. They are so fat they have little fat rolls that hang over their legs. I think they could make even the grouchiest of people smile.

Have a HAPPY WEEK!!!


Unknown said...

I'm glad that 'Kirby' and mom are once reunited. Perhaps they will settle in and even make friends with 'Chewy' as well. It scares me to think your family has the serious iffliction that causes the desire of raising a cow/calf herd. There are medications for that!!! :-)
I do enjoy hearing and seeing cattle around here once again though. Keep up the good work. Did the boys come home with lots of "loot" Saturday nite?? Looked like they were having fun. Dad