Sunday, November 22, 2009

Show News

Saturday we got up BEFORE the crack of dawn and headed to Harper to a show.  After playing a scary game of Deer Dodging twice, and almost losing both times, I was happy we made it there in one piece.

We did well!!

Tristen getting one of the castors ready. (Doesn't he look SO serious?)  

 T’s Mini Rex Castors got 2nd and 3rd, and his Red Mini Rex  got 2nd. T has decided to really concentrate in the castors.  Castors are a beautiful deep burnt brown color.  Almost like the color of a beer bottle, as I’ve heard my husband say.   We came home from the show with a new castor doe.   New friends of ours knew he was really interested in them, and they were cutting back so they just loaded her up and offered her to him.   Therefore, he came home and made some decisions on who he needs to get rid of out back.  He’s being very mature about it, and making some great decisions!! He sold 2 of his mini rex’s (colors that he has decided not to work on) to a fellow 4-Her at a heck of a bargain so she could have a decent start with her rabbits.
It’s always nice to see your kids make good choices!

                                      Jacob working Tori's fur. This is the bun that got Best Opposite Sex.

J’s Californians did great again.  The rabbit that got runner up Best in Show and BOB at the state fair got BOB again, and he also had one that got Best Opposite Sex.  (They pick the best opposite sex to that of the best in breed.)  His other one he took placed 2nd.  While they were doing the Best of Show choice, Truman got looked at several times, which always gets you excited; because that means you have a chance, but no such luck.  We were happy with what we got though!!
On a side note, we sat by a line of coops that we watched being judged by a young lady who had no qualms about telling people exactly what was wrong with their rabbits. Very good and knowledgeable judge, just very blunt. Anyway, she was the judge that ended up judging J's Cals. She judged Truman and told J the goods/bads of him, was putting him back into his coop, and looked at J and told him "You have a very nice animal there. Very nice." I think she must have judged 150 rabbits while we were there, and I only heard her say that 4 times. Very exciting.

D and I are finding we REALLY enjoy showing.  We’ve started making friends, and it’s always nice when someone recognizes you and waves.  There is a lot of waiting at these shows and the kids ran around and socialized, and checked out girls, while D and I sat in our chairs and relaxed.  It was a great day!


princessdiva said...

Glad the show went well. Meeting all those new people is one thing that I appreciate the most about 4-H. Have a great Thanksgiving!