Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas wasn't what I expected it would be, but it was still nice!  Started off at midnight, JUST after Santa delivered and got all cozy in bed...THEY woke up.  The boys went to see what Santa brought, and bugged us off and on for the REST OF THE NIGHT wanting to open presents. They never did go back to bed, except for a snooze here and there, they said. Finally, just after 6, we headed down.

Later that morning, I felt a pinch in my side, and knew EXACTLY what it was.  I've had kidney stones enough times now I JUST KNOW.  I laid around on the couch most of the day, having a hard time walking upright. But knew it was on the move as the pain was slowly moving down. ( I only get worried when the pain stays in one spot or gets worse. Last time that happened I ended up with surgery and a kidney stent I'm convinced could have reached Africa when it was uncoiled. Fun times!)   It "all worked out" in the end, and I am still very sore in the kidney area, but the pain is now gone. Merry Christmas to ME!

Other than being in pain and sleep deprived, it was a wonderful day! ;)

I'm not sure I can pick a favorite gift. I'm pretty spoiled!  A gift certificate to my very favorite plant company, a handmade APRON that is so-so-so cute,(They are becoming famous, Sara!!) and new RED pots and pans are at the very top of my favorite list!! I'm feeling very cool now cooking with my new pots, while wearing my new apron, cooking on my new stove. ;)  Danny also got me a hot pink fishing pole that I can't wait to use, Tristen got me a leopard print Snuggie, that was just PERFECT for a day on the couch, and Jake got me a very pretty picture frame that holds 3 5 by 7 prints.

Dan and I each, unknowingly, got each other a bottle of "beer bread" mix for a HAHA gift!  So he whipped up some of that last night when I was out on the couch, and it was pretty good!  He smoked a turkey, and I made seasoned green beans and scalloped potatoes for our Christmas dinner. And water...I drank lots and lots of water.

Dan says he can't pick a favorite gift. But I know he's very happy with the BBQ box my parents made up for him, with new spices to try and wood chips.

T's favorite was his new pellet gun, his RipStix, and this very cool box that,  mounted inside, has all the rocks/minerals mentioned in the Bible.  He also got some new rock identification books that he's had his nose in a lot.

J's favorite is his I-Pod touch...and umm...well, I'm not sure he's even LOOKED at anything else but that.

I'm a bit sad it's over already. THOUGHT about taking down the tree and decorations, but I'm just not ready to put them away yet. Maybe later this week.

Off to drink more water!!


Melanie said...

I LOVE the new red pots and pans!! Sorry about the kidney stone. .and glad it found a way out! Looks like everyone made out like bandits!

Rhonda said...

Glad you all had a good day, and I'm glad your "unwanted visitor" finally fled the scene. Hope you are feeling better by now!