Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

Didn't I just do a  New Year's post like last week?? Can't believe it's almost 2011. I can't complain about 2010. Overall it was a pretty good year for our household! 

I do have somethings I'd like to work on. Last year the main one was saving money. I think we did awesome, and we have learned so much about our spending habits! However, I don't think you can ever save TOO MUCH MONEY, so I'd still like to work on this one.  I'd also like to amp up our savings account  AND WORK MORE ON MENUS! Having menus done REALLY saves time and money, it just takes the effort to do it.

My second one I'm working on is me.  I'm sure all chubby people get up one morning and go "UHhh....when did THIS happen?"  I've had several of these episodes lately.  I'm actually really good at losing weight, and I ROCK at gaining's just the maintaining I have problems with.

And the 3rd thing for 2011..FINALLY finish our family room in the basement. I think it's been "bare bones" now for 3 years.  We have the stairwell done, but just kind of stopped on that room. It hasn't helped that my boys just moved on down there and got comfortable with a drum set, posters on the walls and a recliner and play station. It's become a "mini-man man cave." So, anxious to get started on that again, and the list of new projects behind this one just keeps growing and growing. ;)

Happy New Years to EVERYONE!!  Stay  warm!


Melanie said...

I think in June we should all have a new year resolution update. .you know to keep us all honest and stuff :-)!! If you want. .I'd be glad to loan you my Wii active more stuff. .and you could try it out until your birthday and see what you think!! Have a great and blessed New Year!

Sara said...

I agree with Melanie...a mid-year check up is a great idea! I can't help much in the way of fitness, because I am not much good at that myself. BUT, if you want any help on the menu planning front just let me know! I hope you get that basement family room finished this fun!

Rhonda said...

Praying you all have a blessed year!