Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

I think I over did it.  There was nothing that could escape some sort of Christmas dazzle this year.

Not the cinnamon rolls I made for gifts and Christmas morning breakfast.

 Not the jello salad we had a dinner.

But really...I don't think there is a thing as TOO MUCH dazzle at Christmas!!

We had an amazing Christmas Eve.  We went to the candle light service (I love leaving that little church and looking back as we pull away. The lights are all on, and it looks so pretty and warm.), came back home and ate a wonderful roast with my family. 

Then we shared some Christmas surprises.

This is a  picture we had made for my parents. (Sara Stapleton took the pics, Danny made the frame.) It was VERY loved, and they had already figured out where to hang it before they left. It was VERY hard for me to keep this secret!

And this is a toy box Uncle Danny also made for Hope.

 Mostly, we just enjoyed each other.  And tormented each other...


Sara said...

OH Becky...the picture looks even better in that frame! Your mom sent me a message this morning telling me how much she loved it. I am so glad I am not responsible for keeping that secret any longer! I agree that there can NOT be too much dazzle at Christmas. Merry Christmas to you!!

Melanie said...

Sounds like a truly wonderful CHristmas with your family!!!

Michael K. said...

As the dad or dad-in-law of this wonderful family.....I can say that this has been one of the very best Christmas Seasons I have ever had. We decided early on that this was the way we would and should do it and it happened perfectly. I am truly blessed by my kids and my very patient wife, whom I love very much. Thank you all for the great memories!! Those can be shared and last forever.