Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Week

I just love Christmas week!!  You can feel the excitement building up and the magic IS real!

 At OUR house it means:

We attended a VERY ADORABLE church program Sunday evening.   I love that little country church. Driving up, the lights were all on and it look so beautiful all lit up.

The gifts are all wrapped and put under the tree. I know my boys are growing up, because I've hardly had to chase them out of the presents this year.

Goodies have been started, though I'm doing most of ours on Christmas Eve. (Cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning!!)  These pictured were made for the daycare kids. We had hot chocolate too...some even sipped it out of sippy cups! :-)
My jeans are already fitting a bit more snug than they did a few weeks ago. Evidently, Christmas calories REALLY DO count! Who knew!  I guess I know what my New Years  Resolution is THIS year. =(

 Those are melted snowmen, by the way. I had some "help" making them. ;) 

And these little bits of heaven haven't helped the pound situation, but they are just so good. For some reason, I had about 10 pictures of this candy cane kiss when I took the pictures off my camera. Someone was bored..

And speaking of daycare, the daycare Christmas party is done, and the megaphone has been unwrapped. of my daycare families got me a megaphone. Isn't that hysterical?? (The dad came to pick up and said other than liquor, they thought it was JUST what I needed!)  The boys thought it was HILARIOUS until I told Jake I was taking it to his next basketball game! MUUUHAHAHAHA!!

Christmas will be here and over before we know it! Enjoy the magic and wonder of this wonderful season!


Sara said...

I tripled dog dare you to take that to the ballgame!! Just be sure to txt me which game, I don't want to miss that one. I made those same snowmen, only the "un-melted" version. They are YUM.MY!! Cambree hasn't stopped talking about the daycare party...she LOVED the hot chocolate!

Melanie said...

OMG!! WHO got you a megaphone. .I am still laughing!!! That's a riot. Your cookies looked great!! Even the melted snowmen. .I didn't even realize they weren't supposed to look like that. .See when I screw something up. .I just change the name to something like whimisical so NO ONE will ever know ;-) If you just call 'em melted. .no one will EVER know :-)