Saturday, October 29, 2011

WEPAC 2011

Last night I watched my baby sister scratch something off of her "bucket list". She played basketball on the white WEPAC team as one of the senior high school players

Those of you that don't know what WEPAC is,  go to  Basically it's this amazing basketball game with high school players, alumni players, college players, and celebrity players, who come together to raise money for cancer screenings for local woman in our area. It's even aired on Fox and it's a BIG DEAL for our small towns.

Since this started 3 years ago, she's wanted to play. And play she did.   I admit I was a bit nervous, wondering how she'd play with the cameras there, college and celebrity players, but nothing seemed to faze her, and she wasn't the least bit nervous and played the game.

Michelle with Katie Smith
Giving her high school basketball coach an autograph. =)

And the best hug of the night didn't come from anyone famous. It came from our Dad. So happy he was able to be there!

So very proud of this girl and I just love her to pieces!


Sara said...

There are a lot of people who are proud of her! And she has a lot to be proud of...she played a great game last night!!

Megan said...

She did AWESOME!!!

Melanie said...

It was a fun game!! And I was so impressed with YOU!! I could hear YOU yelling for her over everyone else in that gym!! That's what REAL fans are made of!! So glad your dad could enjoy the game too. .he looked like he was in heaven. .and your mom had the biggest smile on her face the WHOLE time!! Maybe someday she'll come back to play again!

ragtime4361 said...

So proud of her! Not very many of us can say they "rubbed elbows" with Marion Jones on the basketball court! And, Katie on the point...awesome night watching OUR young ladies play with THOSE ladies! So glad Dad got to enjoy the night as well! Great pictures!

Rhonda said...

So awesome, I've really enjoyed seeing and reading about all this! Congrats to Michelle on being able to take part! And that's wonderful, too, that your folks could be there. :) Unforgettable. Looked like a great time!