Monday, October 10, 2011

A Beautiful Fall Weekend

This weekend found us giving thanks for RAIN!! read correctly. We got RAIN!! Beautiful, soft falling, puddle forming, making straight hair go curly, RAIN!!!!!

Our Saturday morning football game got canceled. We found out pretty early, but too late to get everyone back into bed. After the initial disappointment, I think everyone loved laying around and enjoyed a lazy day..that turned into a lazy weekend.
We enjoyed lots of homemade, soul soothing food...grandma cookies, homemade breads, roasts. I was a bit urked when I got on the scale this morning though. Oh well.

I know we got over 2 inches here at the house. Really hope everyone else got that much. This morning found us with a one hour delay for school because of fog.

The boys are getting close to wrapping up their football seasons.  Both boys' teams are undefeated with each having 2 games left.
October is breast cancer awareness month. How cool is it that these Jr High boys are wearing PINK socks?  REAL men wear PINK!

I'm can NOT believe I forgot to mention this, but we are enjoying THESE guys:

My husband has wanted pigs for a long long time. He finally just made it happen. I have never really been around pigs but here is what I have learned so far. 1. They have a flee instinct like you would not believe. 2. They stink. 3. They are absolutely adorable and I could probably pull up a chair and watch them for hours. 4. They smile when they eat.

I also can't believe I didn't write about THIS. I am seriously slacking on my blogging. Anyway, look what my dad and sister killed this past weekend on the sidewalk at the farm.

My very tough and brave little sister killed it, while my dad held it down.(yea..I know...many of my gray hairs are actually caused from my DAD!)  It was the first rattlesnake Tristen had ever seen. He was a bit in awe of it. And we are ALL paying a bit more attention out there.

This weekend will find us heading to the KSRBA Convention. With every thing going on, it will be wonderful to just get away and just be, and be around people who we can sit around and talk "bun" with. =)

Hope everyone else is getting beautiful fall weather like we are!


ONG said...

Love the pink on the kids, a great cause and they look like the NFL players that were wearing the same thing this past weekend.

Gotta love the snake too although I have to admit I've never seen one live so easy to say just seeing a photo.

Great post!

Melanie said...

We are glad FB is almost over!! We had about 1 1/2 inches which was great!! Will make planting those fall bulbs much easier ;-)

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed this post, and yes, wasn't that rain WONDERFUL? :) Funny about the pigs!