Sunday, October 16, 2011

KSRBA Convention 2011

Ladies and Gentleman...may I have your attention please, as I introduce to you:

His Royal Highness.....2011 KSRBA DUKE!!!
We were SO excited to watch Jacob receive this honor. Royalty is a lot of hard work. Jacob had to submit...right smack in the middle of football season...a 5 page written application. Then, at the convention this weekend, he did an oral interview, breed ID contest, judging contest, showmanship contest,  and a *200* question test.  The scores from ALL of those are tallied, and the applicant with the highest score wins. HE WON!

My camera annoys His Grace.

It was a wonderful weekend, and Jacob walked away with some pretty big wins.

Judge Tony Bell picked friend Tyler's black doe for the show Best of Breed Havana, with Ditto, Jacob's chocolate buck, being Best Opposite Sex. There were over 50 Havanas there, belonging to 5 youth breeders.

Sunday, for the Prairie Winds Havana Specialty show, Judge Briony Barnes picked  ANNA, Jacob's Jr black doe for the Best of Breed. This time, Tyler received Best Opposite Sex award.

I also have to mention that Jacob had a first happen to him this weekend. His BEAUTIFUL little black DOE, JADA, was DQ'ed off the table because  when the judge was checking the "parts", he found that JADA is actually a BOY.  Jacob SWORE he had double checked everyone before we left. HAHA So Danny added an "N" to the end of "JADA'S" tattoo. Later,  HE was entered in the specialty as JADAN, a little JR BUCK. Jacob caught heck for that ALL weekend.

This guy...well, this guy had a pretty rough weekend. This is what happens when you are playing ball tag in the dark with your rabbit friends, and run into a unseen cement wall.  He was affectionately referred to as "WALL-E" for the rest of the weekend.

It seems mischief follows this boy everywhere. See what he's doing?

He's SCARING they walk by and this ugly nasty fake spider comes hurling down on them from the rafters.

We look forward to this convention every year. It was a great weekend with great people.
Just what we needed!!


Sara said...

I don't know the first thing about bunnies, but I do know a proud momma post when I read one! Congrats to Jacob!! Just goes to show that hard work pays off.

ragtime4361 said...

Congrats to Jacob! And, mercy me...that sounds like a true dedication to a hobby!!
So glad that T wasn't injured any worse, although his face looks extremely painful.

Robin Allen said...

Way to Jacob.... this is all like a different countries language to me..Hard work indeed does pay off...dedication is not a strong point in a lot of young people these days...way to go Mom and DAD!!!! I love it that your boys will be boys...Moms have EVERY right to be proud of their kids...cause that makes great kids grow up to be great adults....and makes other parents wonder how you did that!!!!

Melanie said...

AWESOME!! I gasped when I saw Tristen's face. .I thought for a minute that he had gotten hurt Thursday night playing Mission Impossible. .Dev had lots of facial scratches from the tree thorns gettin' him!! LOL about the spider trick!! Boys are a breed all of their own!

Rhonda said...

Congratulations to Jacob! Sounds like an awesome job. That was funny, though, about the "mistaken identity." LOL And Tristen - if that spider had *fell* on me, I would've sreamed and ran and probably knocked over all the tables in the process! :)