Saturday, October 22, 2011

Football 2011

Today closed a chapter for our family.  We watched our very last Pee-Wee game--at least with any of our boys playing on the field. Pee-Wee has been a part of our life for 5 years.

I thought for sure I would be relieved when this season was over. No more practices or trips on Saturdays, but I stood on the field and just felt sad. No so much for the game, but because it suddenly became apparent to me today my boys are very quickly growing up. 

Jake's team closed out their season UNDEFEATED!!!! And Tristen's team just ALMOST did it, only losing one of their 7 games and that loss being today, their very last game.

Next year, I will have high school football player and a Jr high player.

Time to go play with the big dogs.

And as Mr. Kenny Chesney would say:

Well its turn and face the stars and stripes,
Its fightin back them butterflys
Its call it in the air alright yes sir we want the ball
And its knockin' heads and talkin trash
Its slingin mud and dirt and grass
Its i got your number, i got your back when your backs against the wall
You mess with one man, you got us all,

The boys of fall.


Melanie said...

Sniff, sniff!! And I think the sniffles just get louder and longer as they get older ;-0