Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The Herefords have returned !! Jacob's heifer was delivered on Saturday, and he hasn't stopped smiling yet.

First off,  take a look at this picture I came across of my dad. (So sorry, Dad! I couldn't help it! Its CUTE!)

Anyway, I'd like you to meet: Charlie. Yes-She IS a heifer. But..

...her name makes me smile and I don't think Jacob could have  picked a better name. Because MY grandfather's name was Charles, his dad's name was Charles, and HIS dad's, the man who built our family farm, name was Charles. It's an almost 14 year old boys way of honoring what was here before and the heritage that is continuing.

Jacob is really proud of this girl, and the fact that the first Hereford back on the farm was purchased and owned by him.

Charlie...well, Charlie isn't really sure about all of this yet.

Next up, getting her gentled and halter broke.Should be a fun time!! She's only about 500lbs bigger than the last one we did. *gulp*


Melanie said...

Get out the gray tape and bubble wrap!! She's a very pretty little thing. .and LOVE the photo of your dad!!

Rhonda said...

Love the heifer! That's really neat. Also enjoyed the photo of your dad ... that's just too cute. :)