Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's SPRING!!!

There are Tulips blooming in my yard, baby bunnies in our nest boxes, and the smoker has a rack of ribs on it...It's SPRING!!!

Miss Anna has been found in the strangest places lately, soaking up the sunshine.

I love weekends where we just hang out and tinker around outside, which it what we did most of the weekend. The boys did some work at the farm. Jacob has won Charlies may have been involved!... and has finally able to get his hands on her.  Soon he will be getting her halter broke and walking her.

I transplanted starts from 3 rosebushes from the farm over the past week. With the rain we've had, they didn't even wilt! I really hope they live! If they do, I will have parts of  rosebushes that both my Grandmothers planted!  One is a really pale pink/almost white, but it's been years since I'd payed attention to what colors the others are. I guess I'll be surprised!

Today we had some of the cutest little girls in the county come over to learn about rabbits. I'm so excited to see increased interest in this project!  We may be a bit biased, but we think its the BEST 4-H project out there!

The babies have started arriving. This weekend was full of nesting mamas and through the night checks. I was convinced it was cold enough to kill newborns, but I was surprised when I went in to check at 3am to find 3  boxes filled with warm, toasty, cleaned up, babies snug in their nests. The moms just looked at me like, "Yea..I got go worry about the human children."    We always learn during this hobby, and this time was no exception. Jacob has a cute little black Havana kit, who was born with NO TAIL! Like it never formed.  He's named him Stubs.  ;)

Hope everyone got plenty of sunshine this weekend!!


Melanie said...

We had a great outdoorsy kinda weekend too. .and it's SOOO good to have dirt under my nails that I can't clean out :-)Can't wait to see the baby bunnies!

Rhonda said...

I enjoyed the bunny and flower pictures. Quite a deal about Golly. That is SO NEAT to have the rose bushes from the farm - I hope they do well! :)