Monday, April 2, 2012

Goodbye March, Hello April!

Holy Batman! Really? March is over already??

It's a busy time around our house. Neither of my boys went out for basketball, so we had a nice time of nothing before track season started. But the busy time has started up and their first track meet is tomorrow.

Lots of babies in the boxes! Jacob ended up with 7 litters. 6 Havana, 1 Californian.  He has several pure black litters, 2 broken blacks, a blue,  and a litter of chocolates.  He has a another doe due this weekend, which  is sired by Jagger. He's anxious to get some Jagger babies in the boxes!

Tristen has 4 Dutch does due. 3 are due next weekend, and another the weekend after that. He's had a frustrating time getting started, and is just ready for some Dutch babies!! Stay tuned!

After this round is weaned, the girls will be bred again. In October, ARBA Nationals is in Wichita. 25,000+ rabbits, right in our back yard?? YES, PLEASE!

I do have a bit of a sad story to tell, while I'm talking about rabbits.  Jacob's black Havana, named Golly, was bred this last time, and I had palpated her as positive.  She built an amazing nest, pulled fur, and then...nothing. We waited, and waited.  She's known for having small litters, with big chubby babies, so I was worried.  After a week, we knew that it wasn't going to end well if she had  babies still inside her. So I called our vet and ran her over.  She had her belly shaved and was given an  ultrasound...our vets very first one she'd ever given a bunny!  Turns out, Golly isn't even pregnant. She just wants to be a momma REALLY bad!  She might have aborted her litter, or had a false pregnancy.   I tell people if she were human she would be one of these people who fakes a pregnancy and steals babies!  Golly still isn't convinced she's not about to give birth, but we feel better now that we know she's ok!

Saturday, Jacob and I ran to Dodge for a little birthday shopping. He got a pair of boots he's been wanting, as well as a headset for a game he plays on the Wii. That evening our family joined us for some pizza and some birthday cake.  His 14th birthday is Wednesday.

Let the month of birthdays begin!!

I am so enjoying our spring flowers!  It's amazing what a little bit of rain can do!! I sure don't remember things being this pretty last year!

 It's exciting to walk around the yard right now, and seeing things take off! I think we have a chance of rain off and on this week!! I sure hope we get it!  Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!!!


Melanie said...

It does look like spring at your place!! Love all your pinks! And, as always. .the buns are adorable!!Have a great week!

Sara said...

Westynn and I just love looking at all your plants and flowers every morning as we get out and walk to the door! Do you think you can just come out and plant my yard and beds for me? THANKS! The bunnies are so cute!

Emma Green said...

Love those adorable baby bunnies! Thank goodness Golly only had a fake pregnancy and didn't have to have a emergency c-section or anything. I love the beautiful flower pictures too! Great post!