Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crazy Like A FOX

I've always loved where we live. We are in town, but yet on the edge of town, where we see lots of wildlife.

Last week around 4am, Danny and both shot up in bed. There was a weird noise outside. Its sounded like a chicken or large bird was being killed.  It kept squawking, and went up the road, fading out until we couldn't hear it anymore.
I had wanted to go out and see what it was, but Dan was warm and cozy in bed, and I sure as heck wasn't going to go out there alone.

The sound was a hot topic around here for the next couple of days, and Jacob made me promise if I heard it again, I'd wake him up.

Last night I was cozy in my bed, just starting to nod off, when I heard it again, and it sounded like it was right in the yard. I flew down the stairs, ran by the bathroom where Tristen was yelling: WHAT THE HECK IS THAT NOISE????

Ran to the living room where Jacob was coming out of his room, wide eyed and saying something like OhhhhhMyyyyyGosssshhhhhh...What ISSSSS that????

We sat quietly by the front door, not being able to located the sound that sounded SO close. Until...I saw a large yellow cat run across the road. With a big fat bushy tail.  Not a cat!! A FOX!!! We watched it run back across the road.

Apparently, denning season is from April to July.

These cat like canine will eat  insects, worms, crayfish and mollusks, small rodents like mice, wood rats, squirrels  as well as rabbits..oh great!!... fish, reptiles and birds. Now and then, vulnerable farm animals, such as chickens, ducks and lamb will be taken. While farmers used to routinely trap foxes, many now realize that the fox brings far more benefit in its constant predation on crop destroying rodents and insects, than the harm they cause in taking the occasional barnyard animal.

If you would like to hear what we've been hearing, here is a video. The Vixen Scream is what we've been listening to.


*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

OMGOODNESS!! Lol I would have flipped out too! Thats is to funny though!

Melanie said...

OK that is the most HIDEOUS noise ever!! My thought wasn't a chicken being killed. .my thought was a little GIRL being killed!! Yikes!!