Monday, April 23, 2012


The roses have just loved the rain we've had this year. And I've loved watching them bloom!! This bush has just exploded.

I have another bush that I transplanted from my grandmothers apartment when she passed away 11 years ago. Its LOADED with blooms and I'm patiently waiting for its show to start. 

I think I mentioned before that I  transplanted 3 bushes this year from the farm.  2 look about normal. All the leaves have died, but its staying green, so I'm hoping with TLC this year, next year they will take off. The other bush I planted never did wilt or die off  and it already has TONS of new growth on it.

I also had my first Poppies bloom this morning.  Have I mentioned I love spring??


Melanie said...

That's funny. .that bloom looks just like the one on Gaia Garden. .she dug a start from a friend's mother's yard. Does yours smell?? It is a gorgeous color for sure!