Thursday, April 12, 2012

Greetings From Grand Central Station

The fridge is over flowing, and is desperately in need of cleaning, the boys rooms smell like a zoo and dirty socks, the laundry seems to be reproducing in the basement, and we have 4 birthdays this month. Danny worked out of town for a few days, not getting home until late. (Our team doesn't run so well when one of our teammates is missing!)  I haven't been sleeping well, and when I AM sleeping, I am snoring, which has lead to Dan stomping down the stairs to sleep on the couch at midnight. For the first time in my entire life I am dealing with allergy issues and had a sinus headache for 3 days straight. Our neighborhood has some sort of chicken/small animal killer that insists on dragging its screaming dying prey up our street several times a week now at 4 am. Yesterday  morning we ran out of toilet paper. And then shortly after,  Kleenex . And twice in the past week I have bought cheese, only to BOTH TIMES leave them sitting on the counter, in the grocery bag, overnight!!!! Just keeping it real!

Moving on..

We have more buns due this weekend/early next week, including the long awaited Dutch litters.  Tuesday morning, Jacob's chocolate doe, Keisha, had a litter of 5 little chocolates, sired by Jagger! His first Jagger litter! He's anxious to watch them grow up! (Jagger's 6 month show career to date has included 2 Best In Shows, 1 Best In Show Specialty, 2 Best of Breeds, and 2 1st Place Sr Bucks. He's a handsome boy!)

Jagger says Hello blogland!
It seems Keisha has inherited her dam and great-dams wonderful mothering instincts, as well as a not so favorable trait from her stick your hand in to check on those babies, and you will be greeted with grunts, growls and lunges with wide eyes and bared teeth.  Keisha's mom, a normally sweet girl,  does this her entire pregnancy, (its how we know she took!)  and then about a week after her babies are born, she mellows back out.  Those hormones are KILLER!  We shall see if they same holds true for her. Its hard to get mad at her, when she's just being a protective mom.

We have our potatoes and the beets and peas planted in the garden. Danny made our garden much bigger this year. Its now 38X51, adding on a good 200 square feet.  Which we will put to good use, since Dan is growing 3 different kinds of potatoes, I planted 2 varieties of beets and will be trying my hand at Okra this year!   It felt good to get my hands dirty again, and I was happy to see an abundance of  big, fat, juicy, earthworms. It seems with adding lots of rabbit manure, newspaper and straw, our soil has much improved in the 4 years we've used this plot for a garden! 
Tristen loves growing things, and this year is growing something new: PEANUTS! I wasn't sure if you could grow them successfully here, but found several articles on line about Kansas farmers growing them for crops. We had a sad empty spot in our yard where we recently took out our sandbox.  The perfect spot for some peanuts! Its been fun waiting for them to sprout and they are looking GREAT!! They are a hot weather crop and won't be ready until late this summer, but they seem to be doing well! 

Our spring has been A.MA.ZING! I commented to Danny that the pastures almost look FUNNY to me, with all the green grass out there. The cows are thrilled, and hardly come in anymore, except to get a quick drink.  It seems as if its been forever since things have looked this way.  Hose water will keep things alive, but that rain water, well, it's just magic!

The boys are in full swing with track! Jacob metaled in 2 events at the first track meet, with 4th place in the 800, and 3rd in the 400 relay.  
Tristen didn't metal, but has his first meet behind him now, which is a feat all in itself! I think track will be more fun now that the nerves will settle! He's been dealing with a foot injury for a month. He fell out of a tree..sigh...and bruised 2 bones in his foot. Its been a long  and annoyingly painful process for him.  One of those-- it doesn't hurt so bad to sit out, but hurts enough to HURT when he runs-- kind of things.  I think he's finally getting healed, which will help too, as long as he stays out of the trees. 

So there you have it. Our life right now. I'm thankful this week is almost over!


Melanie said...

NO DOUBT!! I was going to make a lemon cake tonight, and because it says to let the eggs and buttermilk come to room temp, I put them on the counter. .and then was coerced into watching a movie. .which led me to forget about the cake. .until 10;00 Guess I'll try again tomorrow!! Why does spring seem to get soooo busy??Hope you get some R&R and gardening this weekend!! Remember to tell me which varieties of beets you tried!! I usually do Detroit, but think some of the others look pretty intriguing (like the yellow ones and the striped variety!)