Sunday, March 4, 2012


Tuesday evening my sister injured her ankle in basketball practice.  This was a big deal because:

She's a senior. Her basketball season was coming to an end.
Sub-State tournament  was just in a few days.
This was no ordinary little twisted ankle.  This injury promoted calls to doctors and trips an hour away everyday for therapy.

Her ankle was so painful, but she announced she was playing her in her last games. *insert a snicker-snicker here from the annoying big sister. I didn't think there was ANY way she would be on the court, but played along anyway.*

 Here is the big fat nasty foot the day after she did it.

And here is it 4 days after the injury, and the morning after she PLAYED in the first game of sub-state!!  Wow-can you imagine running up and down the court with that?? You can see the bruising starting to go up the leg where she sock lines are at.
I took these pictures in the parking lot of her Dr's parking lot. I rode along with her to therapy for moral support..and to gripe about her driving and music choices. hehe

So, in the end, she did play both sub-state games. She wasn't quite herself, but she finished out her Sr basketball season out on the court, doing what she loves with her teammates.  They won the first sub state game, but got beat in the championship game, so her high school basketball career is now over.

The lesson I learned from my sister this week?

When life hands you lemons, you pick them all up, turn around, and start pelting the lemons back at life. Attitude IS everything. 


Melanie said...

Glad she was able to finish her season. .now she BETTER take it easy on that ankle. .or it won't hold up for college ball!!

Rhonda said...

Brave girl! Even so, I'm glad she could play her last games instead of sitting on the sidelines. :)