Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I love crafts. I am just not very good at them, unless they came  out of the kids section  and the package says for 5 and under.   I WANT to be good at crafts, but I have found I am just not good at anything.

See what I made for my door for Easter??

There is a running joke in my family about my love of Peeps. I do love them. I LIKE eating them too, but not nearly as much as I LOVE LOOKING at them. They are adorable, all lined up in their cute little package!

I do realize while all I did was hot glue sugar coated marshmallows to wreath, and added some ribbon, I feel its a small victory for the crafty-challenged!


Sara said...

CA-UTE!! I was just thinking about you and your Peeps the other day.

Melanie said...

Some med rep left us an easter basket at work last week. .with a box of peeps. .I was telling the girls after that about your super cute wreath!! Way to go Bec!! And good thinking to use short string, and hang it in an area difficult for them to drag a chair to!!