Sunday, June 10, 2012

A BUN Filled Weekend

Friday afternoon we headed out to spend the night in Wichita. This is one of our favorite shows. Its a double show, put on by the Sunflower RBA, and the Kansas Rabbit Breeders Association. There are also specialty breed shows Friday night, after set up, so we always head up early.  This show is always big, with ALL of our favorite people attending.

Jacob took a bunch of little Jr's, knowing they probably weren't going to compete with the big dogs. They didn't really, but he did end up getting Best Opposite Variety with one cute little black Jr doe and he received lots of "promising" "just a baby" " and " just needs more development" comments.  The fall show season should be LOTS of FUN!!!
He did win Best Opposite Sex with his little broken buck, Jagger, in one of the shows under Briony Barnes, with 109 Havanas in youth being entered. His friend, Hannah, won Best of Breed.  Hannah is from Oklahoma, and any time she's at a show, you know the competition on the tables will be fierce. She's a wonderful person, as well as a kick butt rabbit breeder!

Tristen took 2 of his little blue Dutch does, as well as a few Seniors.  He didn't place in anything, but got some nice comments about his babies. Again, it should be a nice fall season for him!! Things just need to sit at home and grow.
One of the good things about going up the night before is getting to take your time on things such a grooming.  Here, Tristen is clipping the nails in his blue Dutch doe, Storm.

Rabbit shows are not just about the rabbits. They are about the people and the friendships that mold and shape. This is true for Dan and I, as well as our boys.  Each boy has his own group of buddies they hang out with. Jacob's group is more Havana orientated. Older kids, sitting around, talking shop.  Tristen's group is the group that follows around a 16-17 year old boy.  This boy does magic tricks that boggle your mind, and he's always up to put on a demonstration for the kids.  He also can dance like you wouldn't believe, and they spent hours in the hallway, trying to figure out how to dance just like him.

Crushes can also develop.

 Before we left, Danika slipped Tristen a note that said I love you. She also informed us she is going to be getting 3 tattoos when she grows up. The first will be of a Dutch Rabbit, with Tristen and her names around it, the second will be a RED warthog, and the 3rd one will be of Tristen's picture, with his name. This little girl and her family, are pretty special to us!
Another reason this is one of my favorite shows of the year is the FARMERS MARKET they have right outside! I believe they have this every weekend, but my favorite thing to do during this show during down time is just walk though. Its held in the parking lot, and wraps halfway around the building our show is at.   This time, Danny and I were on the hunt for some local honey. In the middle of the greenhouse sales, gardeners and their beautiful vegetables,  Emu and Ostrich raisers, balloon artists, crafters, bakers, woodworkers, composted poo venders, and farmers, we found some! =)   I also was thrilled to find among lots of other beautiful plants, a gardener selling weird and unusual types of succulents.  I managed to pick only 2 to bring back home with me.

Pure PURE Heaven!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!


Melanie said...

FUN!!! I LOVE farmer's markets!! Wondering where the honey came from. .I read that you are supposed to consume honey from somewhere local, it helps with allergies. Enjoyed the photos!

Rhonda said...

This is always interesting to read and see about the rabbit shows. TOO SWEET about the "crush!" :)