Friday, June 29, 2012

What happened to JUNE??

What the heck?? Is it really almost July???  The summer heat is here, and all the work that goes along with it.  The garden is going well, despite the 108 temps we've been having. Its gets a good long drink every night from the sprinkler, but rain sure would help.  Some of my flowers just are not liking it, and it really is seeming to not really matter how much I water them, they are just unhappy. 
As I've talked about before, having bunnies in the summer is a full time job. Tristen hauls his next boxes of week olds in every morning, taking them back out late in the evening when its cooler.  They also take frozen soda bottles out to the moms with litters, and anyone who seems to be struggling. Some of them tolerate is like any other day, others just can not make it with out a little help.  We also run a soaker hose on the roof of the barn. The water cools it, and it keeps the temp about 10 degrees cooler than if we don't run it.

Jake just got back from his first high school football camp. He's been been walking and working hard with his Hereford, Charlie. They are making progress!  He's finalizing his fair entries, and will be taking some of his rabbit jr's  to the fair for their first trip out of the barn. He's a bit overrun with bunnies right now. I think I mentioned ARBA nationals in 2 hours from us this year...oh yes!...and now that we've had litters, they are just going to sit in the cages, and grow up, so we can evaluate and pick the best possible stock possible to enter. 

Its been long summer so far for Tristen, who spends most of his summer days at our local pool. It is closed this year for remodeling, and he's just about to die.  He's finalizing his fair plans too, but things aren't going too well with his heifer, Black Out, who has decided shes going to act like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum and refuses to walk. At all.  We've backed off, and this weekend will be trying something new that was recommended to him: Tying her out, (in the barn, out of the sun!)  and making her walk to water several times a day. Sooner or later, she's got to learn, or at least pretend, that Tristen is the boss. ;)

Air-soft guns are the newest obsession for both my boys. I can not for the life of me, figure out how getting shot with something that leaves red marks all over your body can be so much fun.  Boys are weird.

Dan recently was asked to join the fair board, so this fair season will be a new adventure for him. He's keeping busy at work, as well as all his honey dos and dad, can you's. ;) 

And me? Well, some days its all I can do keep up with everyone and who needs what or who needs to be where. I totally spaced of taking to their hair appointments yesterday, so I seem to be failing! ;)  I had my state daycare inspection on Wednesday. After 10 years of doing this, I still cringe when they come. Its not that I feel as if I have anything to hide, its just that a family lives here, and I think that on a state level, people sitting in their nice quiet offices, forget that at times. Because some days around here, there is  underwear on the floor and some days someone may spill milk on the counter and walk away.  And sometimes, just like you, my fridge needs cleaned out, and I tell my self every day for  week I need to get that done, only to not get it done that day. 
Anyway, enough preaching!!  My inspection went well, only being sited for 3 very minor things: I need a child proof lock on one of my utensil drawers, a outlet cover was missing in my basement, and I had dishes in my sink from lunch...they came right after lunch, BTW. ;-)

I'm going to end this post with some pictures.  Last weekend I took some pictures of my brother and his little family..which is about to grow by one any day. It was fun!. I had several favorites, which I should post sometime after they see them,  but here are some that I love, and very much captures little Miss Hopes 2 year old self right now.  Probably won't be framed for the wall, but they make me laugh!

Oooo..wait a sec..I got a boogie...

Eww! Gross!

Now, what where you saying?


Melanie said...

Oh, you'll have to show us some of the other pics. .You know you'll have to start all over again by the end of the month :-) We're ready for some cooler weather too!!

Rhonda said...

Thanks for sharing, and those pictures were cute anyway no matter what she was doing. :)