Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday, ALREADY??

Summer is suppose to be lazy and weekends are made for catching your breath, but that sure doesn't seem to be the case here at our house.

Saturday, Jake and I headed to a neighboring town, with 2 rabbits in tow, to have them registered, and to see some of our favorite rabbit people.  Jacob got a chocolate doe, Cocoa, and his little broken buck both registered and their legs (Legs are certificates of winnings, for you non-bunny people) sent off, so their grand champion certificates (They need 3 legs to obtain GC status.) will be here in a few weeks. Cocoa had a litter this week, sired by the little buck, so Jacob is excited to have his first litter with a set of GC parents.

Jacob and Danny stayed busy this weekend halter breaking Jakes hiefer. It went really well, and she caught on fast. He even felt brave enough to take her out of the lot for a walk down the driveway. There was a bit of excitement though when she pulled back, Jacob lost the rope, and she took off. She went back down towards the lot, thankfully, instead of towards the highway. 
But, honestly, she's doing better than  Black Out right now, who seems to remember what all this walking means, and is protesting by refusing to move her big ol body anywhere.

The garden is going. Still haven't gotten it completely mulched in, but everything looks good. Tristen also told me that if I don't get it mulched in, he will be sure to keep it weed-eated for me, so I don't have to worry about weeds. hehehe  Things have really benefited from the rains we have received this spring. I am not totally for sure, but I believe we have passed what we got the ENTIRE YEAR last year.

Dan had a bit of "tree trimming" done for him with one of our last storms that passed though. Luckily, it just passed anything in the garden and nothing was damaged.

When we were over getting the buns registered, I was gifted with a huge box of Lamb's Ear. I've been wanting some, but haven't been able to locate any this year.  I have it planted over by the bunny barn now and hope it survives.  The spot over by our bunny barn has always been an issue spot. It used to have 3 nasty old half dead Cedar trees. Dan finally got sick of looking at them,  ripped the out, and I had been planting herbs there. The space is filling in nicely now on the sides, but the middle of it is pretty bare. I need to work on that.  I have planted Golden Rod, Lavender, Parsley, Spearmint, Basil, and Butterfly Weed.  I'm thinking I'll just transplant some of those to the middle, so it can fill up.

Have a wonderful MONDAY!!


Melanie said...

I can't believe the golden rod is already blooming. .that is like a JULY thing!! And end July to boot!! Jeremy made a proclamation yesterday. .NOOOO more projects on the weekends. .like when are we SUPPOSED to do them?? The chicken coop took the entire weekend. .and I reminded him that I have two more front doors and the new hardware to finish. .he just smiled!! Smarty pants!! Dev decided he was going to take a chicken to open class at the fair. .and their attempt at catching one to tame was REALLY bad ;-) It will be here before we know it!

Rhonda said...

That's exciting about your bunnies! I wish the boys well with their cattle. The county fair's not that far off, is it. Wish we could make it up there again even for just a day or so for that, I was overjoyed to get to take in part of it last year!