Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Visitors

Friday morning I looked out in the garden to find these little cuties!! They provided us with several hours of entertainment.  We would find ourselves looking out the kitchen window to make sure they were still there, and provided Danny and Jacob with plenty of video and camera opportunities.  They must have had very strict instructions from their Momma not to wonder off too far, because they always came back to nap and lay down in the same spot all afternoon.  I also was amused to get to sit and watch them play with each other. Ever seen calves bouncing around in the pasture? They do this too! They also stand up on their hind legs and "box" at each other. 

If you listen really close, you can hear the little squeaky sounds they make to each other.


Sara said...

They are cute. Jeremy's parents had two at their place a couple of weeks ago....BUT the dog, Jack, killed one. It was not a very happy place around here.

Melanie said...

Oh. .I hope that one of the boys got a good fair photo with all that opportunity!! What a fun adventure to watch up close and personal!!

Rhonda said...

That's just amazing - was fun to see the video and watch them move. Even as babies that white tail goes up!