Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I think I mentioned last weekend we were planning on tying Black Out out. Dan ended up tying her up in the barn overnight, and going out the next morning and leading her to water, and then letting her go. I'm not sure if she ended up "re-training" herself during this time, or if she's afraid we will tie her out again, but she's been a dream to walk ever since. Tristen has been working on her manners again, but its a relief to him that she's walking and he's enjoying her again.

Charlie loves Jacob.

Walking, walking, walking and more walking!
These girls are separated in another pasture until after the fair, when they will go out with everyone else..  And HOPEFULLY, next years projects are on their way, since the bull  decided he needed to jump the fence and "court" these two pretty ladies. ;)

This is the calf that was born in February. We call her Remi.  She's been claimed by Tristen, who has big plans to take her to the fair next year. He's itching to get a halter on her!
Tristen loves the beef project. He loves everything about it. Jacob just loves the raising part, not so much the showing aspect of it. But he sure does love those Herefords!!

Everyone is getting excited for the fair!


Melanie said...

We're about ready too. .It always is seems like a breath of fresh air to have the "last thing done" so you can start enjoying summer with nothing specific to do!! And its nearly over ;-) Oh well!!

The Chic Country Cowgirl said...

What a sweet blog!!! Can't wait to spend the evening reading more =)

Love hearing talk of fairs... It doesn't get any more fun!

Rhonda said...

Been out of blogland for awhile, so am catching up. Hope your boys enjoy the fair with their beef projects. :)