Saturday, July 21, 2012

County Fair 2012

WHEW!! What a week it has been. Our family loves the fair, and showing livestock, but this year it seemed the 2 weeks leading up to it took a lot of "umph" to get things done.  The boys did well, and as of today, we have survived, with only a little quarreling and a few naps. Here are the results for the indoor exhibits.


This year for woodworking Jacob made a chest of drawers out Maple. His dresser is old and ugly, and this was something he needed.  He ended up winning grand champion with it.

His photography project is one of his favorites. He submitted 6 pictures.

This one received a red

State Fair Blue



This one won Reserve for the black and white class



Tristen's favorite project his foods. This year he made a PB cake, Chocolate Chip Swirl cake and Caramelitas. He won reserve level II with his PB cake, and gets to make it again for the auction this evening.  His other 2 entries won a blue and a state fair blue.
A new thing he did this year was enter some Monster Energy Drink jelly. I was a bit nervous about this one, as I am a pretty new canner, and while I can can and put things away, I wasn't sure if I was really ready to teach him how to do it.   He seemed to understand and get why we did the things you have to do, and we were happy with the first batch he did.

The judge liked it!  He won a state fair blue on it, and "beautiful, perfectly jelled, no bubbles, and has "pizz-zazz" " was written on his card. The jar is put away, all ready to go to the state fair in September.

For woodworking, he made a stand to put his snake tank into. He was pleased with a reserve. Slyteryn seems happy with his new view.

Tristen also entered Jalapenos and won a blue ribbon. He had hoped to enter a bunch of garden items, but our garden just isn't doing well this year. There is always next year.

He also entered a string art project and was awarded the grand champion for the arts and crafts division. He's planning on taking it to the state fair.

We are running on empty. Some of us more than others.

 I'll post more about the livestock entries and auction very soon!! =)


Melanie said...

I tried the monster jelly the other night. .very yummy!! The boys did a great job. .and should be very proud of their efforts!

Sara said...

Do mom's get ribbons at the fair? I think you should be awarded the biggest ribbon of all!!