Monday, July 23, 2012

Livestock--County Fair 2012

Livestock is my boys' very favorite thing in 4-H, and this was the first year Jacob showed cattle. Last year was our first year ever, and we have moments of deer in the headlight looks and were certain we should have run back to the bunny barn where we belonged. This year went so much smoother!

But FIRST, RABBITS! Jacob ended up with Grand Champion with a SR Californian, and Reserve with a Chocolate Havana.  Judging wasn't typical at all. The rabbits were having problems with the heat, the judge knew this, and hurried though, trying not to handle them much.
Jacob actually lost a JR Californian to the heat at the fairgrounds just before the judging...a first for us. =(  It was actually his showmanship bunny, so he ended up running home and grabbing a senior who hadn't been practiced with showmanship for over a year. He did well though, and cooperated for the most part for Jacob, and he was awarded a purple ribbon and duffel bag for his efforts.
Tristen had some nice Dutch entered, but they are in the weird teenage stage, and just weren't developed enough. He hopes they will be kicking behind on the show table very soon though!   There was also some nice Mini Rex as well as a Polish entered. It was nice not to be the only rabbit exhibitor,
Jacob also got a blue on his 2 dressed and frozen market rabbits he entered. He got to sell these at the auction, and I have many stories to tell about this experience. HAHA!

The rabbits went home so fast after judging I didn't even take pictures. 

Tristen took Black Out to the fair under 2nd Year Bucket Calf.  I sat in the stands with my mouth hanging open and watched as my shy not-so- little boy look that judge in the eye and gave him an ear full about his plans for his heifer.  Those that know Tristen will know what a huge step this is for him. Last year, as the judge walked closer, Tristen's head got lower  and lower and he looked at his boots when he talked. =)  It didn't matter what color of ribbon that kid got, it was a victory and I was so so SO proud of him.  In the end, he walked out of the ring with a PURPLE ribbon!

Getting Black Out clipped

Telling the judge all about his plans for Black Out

He also got a blue for Intermediate Showmanship.

Tristen really enjoys showing and has already got plans rolling for next year.  He's very anal about his grooming, which was a bit hard this year. Black out had a neighbor that was a bit taller than her and liked to turn around sideways,  therefore poop would end up in the darndest of places..such as her neck. =/  She also had a bit of an upset tummy, and well, it was just a messy job to keep up with. She kept him busy.

Jacob took Charlie, and received many comments on her.   He participated in Intermediate Showmanship. There were so many they broke them up into 2 groups, calling 4 back from each group to compete for the purple. Jacob was one that was called back, which I also considered a victory, given it was his VERY.FIRST.TIME.EVER to do this! He ended up with a blue!!  He also made us laugh when he announced that while cattle may be more work in general,  cattle showmanship was easy, and that they should try doing RABBIT showmanship sometime, which is much much more than being asked a couple of questions.


Charlie was awarded Reserve for the light weight market heifer class. 

Jake was a bucket of nerves, but got over it quickly when he entered the ring. His only mishap was almost poking the judge in they eye with his show stick when the judge came to shake his hand. ;)

The auction was a big busy deal for our household this year. Tristen got to sell his Peanut Butter Cake and Black Out, and Jacob got to auction off his 2 market rabbits and Charlie. (They keep their beef projects.)

Jacob was asked to hand out awards. I was happy to see him step up and do this!

Danny is now a member of our fair board. See that guy between the guy on the end and the man in the cowboy hat? That's him. They are honoring our one of our extension agents who is retiring after 20 years.

The big cake auction!

Auctioning off market rabbits

I should mention this causes me anxiety every stinking year. I'm always afraid my kid will get out there, and it will just be so quiet all you can hear is the crickets chirping.  Perhaps I have some deep dark hidden issues with being picked last for kick ball or something, but I really worry about this.

However, I shouldn't.  Because the people of our county are amazing and ALWAYS take care of these 4-Hers. But I always breath a sigh of relief after that first "yep".

On to next year!!!



Melanie said...

Wondering if they have that money allocated to different purchases yet :-) Remind me to tell you the story about what Cody said to me after the auction Sat night. .It makes me laugh STILL!!

Sara said...

Okay, now I think you deserve an even bigger ribbon! Reminds me a lot of that Olympic commercial about the dedication of the moms....Hope you got a great big hug like they do!

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Hello!!! I came by to check out your blog closer. I see you at Melanie's "place" so often I feel we're already blogging friends. What great sons you have. They did well with all their 4-H projects. I noticed the countdown to fall on your site. That's perfect. Take care and try to stay cool!