Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Boys

Here's a bit of what the boys have been up to.

 A few weekends Danny, Tristen and I headed to Russell for a show. Jacob had to stay behind to work.  Tristen had a wonderful day and was awarded BOB in both shows, both with rabbits he had bred and raised. Below he is pictured with Judge Conall Addison, and Judge Tonna Thomas.




I love the pictures of Tristen and Judge Addison. Conall is judge from here in Kansas, and has even came to judge our county fair chickens and rabbits several times. He meets lots of people, yet always  remembers us and asks about people we know, and he ALWAYS remembers Tristen is shy, and likes to try to get him to talk to him. In the picture above where he's looking at Tristen, he's teasing him, telling him he sure hopes he can handle all the attention. ;)

*I would also like to add that Danny and I had  OUR FIRST Best of Breed Mini Rex in open in one of the shows with a lilac buck named Gizmo. We also went on to win breed in Standard Chins too, up against a couple of guys who have bred them for years, and the judge who judged them was a chin breeder.  We were PUMPED!  Keep in mind these chins have been bred and raised by Jacob. He  played with the breed to learn about them, and then we inherited them when he was done. I didn't have the guts to tell the guys that the bun that beat them were had been bred by teenager!  =) *

Tristen is deep in track at the moment. They've only had 2 meets now, due to bad weather and meets being canceled, rescheduled, canceled again. EVERYONE is sick of the weather this spring.
He is REALLY enjoying long jump, and hit a personal record Thursday with a jump of 13-3 1/2.  I'm not sure if he placed at the meet or not, but his coach told me he was 2nd for our school, and was pleased with his progress he's made this year.

*Tristen had another meet last night, and hit another personal, jumping 13-4 1/2, and placed in all his events.* =)




Jacob is keeping busy with golf and absolutely loves it. We've gotten to go to 2 of his meets now and I think I may even understand about 75% of it now.





Hope everyone has a wonderful week. The weather is has been warm, so we are hoping to get outside---because we are suppose to have a chance for snow Thursday!! CRAZY!!!


Sara said...

Okay, if it actually snows I am going to SCREAM!! I have enjoyed the last two days of WARM weather, despite the winds. Holy smokes it's windy up here...I have given up on dusting, lol!

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed the post - congrats to all on the rabbit stuff. And to both boys on their sports endeavors. :) Yeah, snow in Kansas in May!!! :p

Melanie said...

Good for all the rabbit people in your house!! Seems like track and golf pictures are all the same. .only so many photo ops that we can get. .and after a while they all look the same :-) I didn't even take my camera to the last meet I went to. .cause all my shots looked like they did last year!! Seems like we might have a little spring this week! YEAH!!