Saturday, April 6, 2013

Random Updates From Our House

This time of year I always find our family running in different directions. It will be this way until school is out, and I am ready to have my  guys home more, for sure! Thought I'd update everyone on our happenings around here.

Danny: Keeping busy with work, farm, Fair Board, and Extension Council. Recently sent pigs off to the processor (and they are by far the best pork we have EVER eaten.) He will turn 40 this month, though doesn't seem to like to be reminded, and sure as heck doesn't enjoy my "but its a milestone" comments. Planning the garden, and trying to keep track of the numerous honey do's his honey seems to find for him. Recently took a jog to Kansas City to pick up some bunnies for Jacob..long story...that were transported there from Wisconsin to Illinois to a breeder friend in KC. Enjoyed the day with Tristen, ate at a little BBQ place that was featured on Diners, Drive-In's and Dives, and went to Arrowhead Stadium. Participating in Walk Kansas and enjoying it!

Becky: Anxiously waiting for the warm weather that STAYS,  and much enjoying the longer daylight. Planning and day dreaming about the garden and flowers, and probably , once again, ordered way to many seeds. Was blessed recently to go with Michelle and Tarquin to a sonogram, where we learned a beautiful, SQUIRMY, little boy will be arriving later this summer.  Trying to wrap mind around the fact in a few weeks that I will be the mom of teenagerS and wondering how this happened. Have been off soda for 16 weeks and 2 days, but who is counting??  Thinks its one of the best and hardest things I have ever done for myself, and am positive it has made all the difference in losing weight.  

Jacob: Turned 15 Thursday. (Wahhhh) Taller than his dad, much taller than his mother. Is participating in golf this year instead of track and LOVES it. Manages school and golf and holding down a part time job that he much enjoys. Gets up every morning and runs to the farm to feed this years 4-H animals. (His heifer Charlie gave birth to adorable little bull calf he's named Reese. She had him a couple of  hours after he checked on her and went to school, declaring "nothing was happening." We are hoping he's more attentive when he has a wife in labor. ;) )  LOVES junk food, Whips yogurt, (eating 2 at a time several times a day!) driving, and his phone.

Baby Reese. I think he's adorable. Jacob's first words when he saw him were "What the HECK is WRONG with his head."

Side note: Jacob's birthday present caused quite a bit of fuss this year. I ordered his gift, and am too cheap to pay for the "good" shipping, so he had been checking it every day for over a week, anxious for it to arrive. Well, it did. He was at school, so I opened it up, and all there was was a empty box inside. *insert nausea here* Apparently, the person who packed the box is a thug and swiped it, closed up the box, put it inside the shipping box, and sent it on its way.  I called the company and  not only did they replace with no questions asked, they overnight-ed another pair.  They arrived and all is well.  Mean people stink. =(

Tristen: is busy with track and his running hurdles and doing long jump again this year. Requires a MASSIVE amount of food packed for meets, will be a teenager in 18 days,  is convinced he will NEVER grow taller, has a wicked sense of humor and a kind heart and I hope he never grows out of either.  LOVES Duck Dynasty, Mom's cinnamon rolls, and his I-Pod.

Bunny News:  Its been a rough show season for us. Life has happened and we've been unable to hit some of our favorite shows, and have to accept some years are just going to be like this.  The last show we did go to the boys' stuff was either just going out of condition or too young to compete well. So..they've been sitting at home growing up and there is plenty to be excited about out there. We hope to hit a show very soon!  I'm hoping to get some good weather and gets some pictures. Some of them make me squeal with excitement!

Hope the rest of the weekend treats you well and have a wonderful week!!


Melanie said...

Hope the boys have a great time tonight and that you survive!! Seems those guys sure LOVE golf!! Good for them! We need to get our calendar together and try to make a garden trip. .shh. .don't tell Jeremy; he says I'm grounded :-)

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed your updates! Laughing about Jacob's comment about "what's wrong with the calf's head." :)

Sara said...

I need to go on that garden trip...this place is in serious need of landscaping and I will be the first to admit it has been at the bottom of my list of things to learn how to do!!

The calf is adorable and I am glad that Jacob was able to get his birthday gift after all...some people are jerks! Oh, and I just LOVE having him work at the store. I always hope he's working on the days I'm there!! He does a great job.