Monday, April 15, 2013

Weeks 5 and 6 Half Way There!

Ahhh! Halfway!!  I didn't get to post last week because, well, I just didn't sit down to post it!


Pounds lost to date: 21! =D =D =D

Sunday I put on and ZIPPED a pair of jeans I've never been able to wear. (Bought in a hurry without trying them on and too far away to return, so there they have sat on my closet.)   I asked Danny if he thought my butt looked smaller. Poor guy got the deer in the head light look and then said Hey..yeah! It IS!

I will say I am 100% positive getting off the soda before trying this has made this successful. I am also quite sure I was a sugar addict.  I have almost NO cravings at all this time around, where before I had always craved sugar loaded foods and carbs.   It makes eating better so much easier when your not foaming at the mouth looking for a fix!

This past Saturday we were out of town at a show. We had gotten up at 4 am,  I did not do well at getting my water in, but had packed a nutritious lunch. I hadn't had time to make and eat my normal breakfast, so by 9 I was STARVING so I went and got a half an order of biscuits and gravy. Not ideal, but thought it was something at least. Ate a good lunch that I had packed.  On the way home around 3 the boys stopped at McDonalds, and T handed me a chicken nugget..ONE!..and I snatched a couple of french fries. Within 30 minutes I felt nauseous and tired and crabby and by the time we got home I had a full blown migraine.  I'm pretty sure I set my self up with lack of sleep, lack of water, and crappy food.  Lesson learned, body. Very sorry!

I feel better. I sleep better. I walk faster. Its sad when you just get used to feeling like garbage and don't know HOW bad you feel until you start making changes.

Its hard to describe when you lose weight but it seems to take your brain a bit longer to catch up. I still feel like I did 20 lbs ago. Like my clothes are getting bigger, I am not smaller.  SOMETIMES, though, I catch a glimpse of someone I used to know when I look in the mirror. She's coming back! 

I still struggle with the emotional urges to eat. The days when I feel the world is attacking me, or when I'm mad-sad-hurt. Those are still there, but I'm learning how to deal with them.

I am very proud of myself so far. I realize I have a long ways to go yet, but I have worked hard and fought for every.single.pound I have lost.

"Set goals, and then kick'em in the face!"


Sara said...

That is awesome Becky!! Congratulations. I have so many inspiring all make me feel like I need to set higher goals and accomplish something bigger. I can totally relate to the eating crappy food thing...whenever we are on the road and eat junk I always feel horrible for the next 24-48 hours. I have learned the hard way that McDonalds and I don't get along!! My family however doesn't like that fact and I get forced there too often :)

Again, great job and I know you will continue to have a lot of success.

Melanie said...

Good job!! Keep up the great work. .the soda thing. .HUGE. .maybe your biggest accomplishment so far!! I CAN'T convince people in my office that THAT is a KEY!!

Rhonda said...

Becky, I'm so glad for you! Hang in there! That was really interesting about the crappy food-migraine thing. Except for a couple of social situations, I've been off the soda pop for quite awhile now. But I still fight the carbs thing. BUT AT LEAST NO POP. LOL