Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Galveston Island, Day 2


Day 2

Danny and I are finding this whole laying around and relaxing thing is pretty nice. Too bad we can't just do this forever.

We didn't do much on Day 2. We slept in, did some laundry, took a jog down to eat some yummy over priced ice cream at Ben and Jerry's.  We all swam a lot, and later, Tristen and I went back, while Danny and Jacob got fishing poles re-lined and added weights needed for ocean fishing.  Tristen and I discovered hermit crab "freeways" where you can scoop and bring up handful after handful of crabs. We collected them on his body board and when we took them to shore, we had 63 crabs. Some were as big as golf balls, others so tiny they were like grains of sand.

We spent the evening fishing.  Everyone caught something. Even me. Yes...I brought that bad boy in all by myself, with my ocean hair and my pink fishing pole.  I also caught a big red crab, but they let go just as you get them in and they see you.




Danny also had a encounter with a snake. (thin and almost white) He was out in chest deep water and saw it right beside him. After a couple of smacks with the pole, he quickly retreated back to the shore line.

The ocean at night is amazing. The water is dark, only lit by the moonlight. The creepy crawlers come out and we entertained our selves catching little silver fish, shrimp and crabs in the net.  And the sand crabs come out. Those bad boys move so fast, they are like giant pinching spiders.



Day 3 has some drama! =) Stay tuned for that post!


Melanie said...

Oh, drama..I love it!! Did you eat your fish?? I can't believe all those hermit crabs!! Is it legal to take them home? Wondering if you ate Chunky Monkey ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. .it's the number one seller of all time :-0 I learned that on Food Network haha! sounds like a great weekend.