Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Galveston Island, Day 3

Our last day on the island we did pretty much nothing. =) We always play putt-putt when we vacation, so we did venture in to do that. It was a fun course and fabulous to look out and see the sea while playing. As they were finishing up, Tristen won a free game on the last hole. He plans to use it next time, since there is no expiration date.



As silly and simple as it sounds, one of our favorite things to do was house look while we were on our way into "town" and dream a little. Jacob snapped a few pictures of his favorites, in case we win the lottery and need a summer house. ;)



We also ran around and acted a little like tourists.


Everyone wanted to fish one last time. So we headed out to the beach.  Danny had caught several fish and was starting to irritate us all, when  I saw him bring a small catfish in. He made a face, and flung his hand, and shook it a little,  and yelled that it had "got" him. Catfish fins are like needles and getting a small cut is pretty common.  He seemed to really be in a lot of discomfort, and he went to the shore.  When I looked back, he was grabbing his stuff and heading back to the house.  Tristen came and told me the cut was pretty bad, and I started to worry he might need stitches since he went up to the house.  T was worried too, so he went up to check on him, and came back to report that Danny was feeling pretty bad, which I found strange. If you know my husband, if he says he's feeling pretty bad, you need to start to worry.  I was still thinking the cut was bad, and wondered if maybe it was bleeding a lot, and that was making him feel queasy, so I called it quits, packed up and headed to the house.


Turns out, the cut was just a puncture, but the catfish had poked him really deep, and they have a venom on their fins. He experienced really bad pain in his hand, and stood out in the shower outside, because he kept feeling really hot, nauseous, and had to sit down in the swing by the house.  When he got up the house, he grabbed a pre-packed mixed drink from the freezer and slapped it on his hand, only to be greeted with intensified symptoms and now a trembling hand. After a quick search on Google, he discovered  you are suppose to use HOT water, not anything cold. I got back to the house around this time and ran to the store and got him some Benadrayl.  After a few Bud Lights and some medication, he started feeling better.  The next day it all looked good, with the exception of a half dollar ring around the poke that looked discolored, like a light bruise, but that now all gone. Crazy!


We LOVE LOVE LOVED our time at Galveston Island, and immediately came home and have started making plans to rent the same house next year. 

I highly recommend the area!  What the gulf lacks in water quality, (very brown and smells of shrimp. ;) ) it quickly makes up for with beautiful beaches, small town feel and abundant wild and ocean life!



Melanie said...

You and Jeremy!! Not even home a minute before you start planning the next trip :-) Glad you enjoyed it!!

Sara said...

I skipped commenting on Day 2 because I had to hurry up and get to day 3 to see what the drama was. Glad it ended up being a minor problem in the grand scheme of things.

Glad you enjoyed your trip and had a safe journey!! I'll be calling you IF I ever get Jeremy convinced to take a beach vacation!