Wednesday, June 12, 2013


After a beautiful and cool spring, our summer seems to be setting in.

I am THOROUGHLY enjoying my container garden this year. I thought I would miss not having a normal garden, but no no no! I have plans to expand to twice the amount next year.  Its so nice to go out and water, and be done with in a few minutes, instead of the sprinkler running all evening.  Its also nice to be able to say "Oh look..a weed!" and pull that puppy out instead of looking around AT ALL those nasty bad boys you can't seem to get a hold of.

Radishes that needed thinned, but I just love all the green in the bucket.

Baby tomatoes. We have picked 2 now. 

Pole beans

Beets--again, needing to be thinned, but they are doing GREAT!


I am also enjoying a little water garden this year. Its an old oval horse tank that was used to hold beer at wedding receptions until it started leaking. Danny was able to fix it.  One weekend we went out to my friend Melanie's house where Tristen and her boys caught 3 fish out of her pond. I enjoy these fish more than any 34 year old should. I don't have many plants yet, but hope to add more next year. I do have a pot of Creeping Jenny, some spiral grass from Melanie that was SURE I killed, but its now throwing up green shoots. I also snagged a clump of Water Hyacinth at the huge farmers market we were at this past weekend.

Sometimes it is the most simple things that  bring the most joy.


This weekend will find us on an adventure. We rented a house on Galveston Island for a few days. T and I DEMANDED some salt water and sun, or else we may just wither away.  The plans are so far pretty simple: Sun. Sand. Swim. Fish. Repeat.   Stay tuned for those posts!


Melanie said...

I was thinking the same thing about expanding the container gardens next year. .It has been much easier than I thought. .and I love that it is right under our noses. .hopefully the rest of the summer will go the same way!!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Glad the containers are doing so well for you.

Sara said...

We ended up not getting a garden in this year SO next year we are definitely doing containers!!