Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn News

Fall is here, full force.  The leaves have changed color and the trees are naked in spots now.  I love the crisp chilly mornings, but it won't be long before I'm whining about the cold.  Winter is so long and hard.
 Updates on us:

D: recently went to Charlotte, NC for training for a work. Claimed it was boring, but learned a lot about a new machine they are getting at work. Been very busy getting it  set up at work. Upon arriving back home, realized just exactly how loud his loving family really is, when you've been alone for week! hehe

Me: didn't really like my week of single parenting.  I realized D and I are a very nice team, and when your teammate is missing, things don't run as smoothly. I was exhausted. I missed him and appreciate him much more. I am thinking *I* should leave for week, so he appreciates *ME* more! ;-)

J: done with football, started basketball.  Not sure if he likes it anymore or not.  A's and B's on report card. Still smiling from his Best In Show win. Growing up fast. Too fast.  Super busy. Hardly ever home. Turing very "teenager-ish" suddenly...ack..

T: Also done with football. Played kicker on the pee-wee team this year.  Will play pee-wee basketball when it starts.  A's and B's on report card, and almost done with his 2nd 9 weeks AR goal.  Ahh...I love a lesson learned.  Recently, after a trip to PetSmart,  claimed it is his dream  to own a lizard and has been researching what he needs to make his dreams come true.  Ugh. His mother isn't thrilled, but IS impressed at the level of research and information he's been digging up.

That's life in a nutshell!!


Melanie said...

I TOTALLY think you should take a week off and go find something else to do. .if you want to come to my house. .I won't tell him you're here :-)

Rhonda said...

Sounds like you've got good things going on! Yes that's a shock when a boy gets to being more grown up. :) I've got one going from "teenager-ish" to "adult-ish," and a kid headed towards "teenager-ish." Interesting!