Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall's Visitors

We have a couple of house guests living in the bunny barn. They moved in about a month ago.

I've been calling this one Charlotte.  She made her web in the top part of a partial wall we have up in there.  She keeps her web clean and it's always pretty.  I love looking at it first thing in the morning when it's wet.

This GUY has his web right in side, right over a bunny cage.  I know its a boy, because his web is a mess, and he has left bits and pieces of food all over his web. Messy or not, his web is pretty spectacular, with a different "layout" in his plans.  It's not just a plain web. It's almost as if there are 3 or 4 of them connected.

I've not minded them as they have stayed on their webs and not bothering us or the bunnies. (I'm not afraid of spiders, but am the first to squash one if I see one. These are just...peaceful, I guess, to look at.)  I'm not really sure what kind they are, but they are big and hairy and are both the same kind of spider.



Melanie said...

I LOVE spider webs in the morning dew-with the sunrise on them!! Haven't figured out how to photograph that!! But, love your photos!! And the manly web, vs the obvious female one! Great observation!

Sara said...

Preston just asked me, "Did they kill the spiders?" Hahaha!! They definitely appear larger than life in your pictures!

Rhonda said...

*Shudder!!!* Though spider webs are neat to look at. LOL about the "boy" spider and his messiness! Jonathan saw a big spider in a web outside the church yesterday, and it only had 7 legs. We wondered if it got into a fight or something.