Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Madness

Wow. The weather changed and so did the pace of life! I swear I am going to paint my car yellow and  get a meter. I could probably make enough to support my Scentsy addiction. hehe

I'd say fall is HERE.  The past few days have been deliciously crisp, and the nights are ALMOST cold. It was 65 degrees in our house Sunday morning.  I've got all my fall decorations up. I've found I love decorating for fall just as much as I do for Christmas.  My houseplants are all back inside, pouting.  They will all start screaming for spring around late January. Oh wait...maybe that's me.  Anyway, several of them were attacked by grasshoppers this year. Something I have never had a problem with, except for maybe a nibble here or there.

The boys are staying busy with football.  We just had our very first football injury. Well, I guess we are not totally sure it was related to football or if it was a virus, but everyone seems to be leaning more towards injury now.  J had been complaining of a headache Tuesday and Wednesday of last week and I thought he had this weird virus that seems to be getting passed around so I'd just been passing him Advil as needed. He went to school and on to his game on Thursday.  We skipped out on this game because it was a good distance away.  He went in for the kick return, and then was pulled for the rest of the game.  He said his head hurt so bad he couldn't even think and he couldn't stand to have his helmet on.  He had pain that started on the top of his head, down his neck, down his spine, and on into his lower back.  He sat on the side lines and cried...just a little, he said. (This is where I got concerned. J doesn't cry. Ever.)  His coach checked on him off and on all the way back home, and told J to tell us that he thought he should go be checked out.    So off we went early Friday morning to the Dr.  He had to rest over the weekend..aka no running or using your head for a weapon....and stay out of practice for the week.  He picked a good week to miss, as they have a bye week, so no game.  Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't return.
Saturday at T's pee-wee game, I watched a boy on our team get his arm broke. Yikes.  I don't really think these boys know what we go through, sitting there on the sidelines.  Being a football mom is tough.

Lots of 4-H activities this month and the big state bunny convention is in a couple of weeks.  J and I are excited as they have a photography contest, with the main focus needing to be a bunny. I've already got some I'm taking, but J's got some neat ideas he's hoping to get done in time.  We will see. 

We have fish!!  7 years ago or so I declared NEVER AGAIN will we have fish after we brought *1* new fish home and our entire tank ended up with Ick a few days later, killing hundreds of dollars in fish. Beautiful fish, that we had had FOREVER. It was heartbreaking.   That tank has been used to house hermit crabs, frogs and turtles, and for the past few years had just been sitting outside.  The boys had started asking for fish off and on and D and I finally said WHY NOT?  I guess we are finally over our Ick trauma.  We are enjoying them, even D who insists he doesn't care, has been checking the temps and making sure everyone is still swimming.   We went and got our fish Saturday, and I told the boys they could each pick out 2. Somehow, we ended up coming home with 12 after the lady that was dishing them out would just put whatever she got in her net into the baggie, and only charged us for what we asked for. So I guess her laziness was our gain. ;-)  The fish, however, would probably like to be back at the store, where there isn't 12 different eyes balls staring and yelling HEY FISHY at you. (The daycare kids LOVE them!!)

Enjoy the weather!! All too soon it will be...blah...winter.


Melanie said...

Cami will be so excited to see the fish!! Glad you found some! My houseplants are on the "to do" list for today--but then again--they have been on the "to do" list for several days! They look good after last night's cold temp--Hate to tempt fate--so hoping to get them inside while C is napping!

Rhonda said...

LOL about the "taxi!" :) Gets that busy sometimes, doesn't it. Hope your boy is feeling better from whatever was wrong. That sure sounded worrisome. The fish sound really neat, I'm sure all your "kids" enjoy that!

Sara said...

Love the little girl in the sparkly skirt "holding" up the little boy who weighs as much as she does! Too cute.