Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo Contest

My crew and I are headed to the Kansas State Rabbit Breeders Association Convention this weekend.  It will be a weekend full of showing,contests, dancing, and a banquet (royalty interviews and tests, if you are Jake),  as well as a motel with a swimming pool..the very best part, if you ask T.
J and I were super excited to find out they have a photo contest there, with the main focus of the photos needing to be a bunny.  I had several I was going to take already, but yesterday, while waiting on her mama to get off work, Little C and I headed outside and she was MORE than happy to hold a bunny for me, while I snapped some pictures.  (Sometimes being the only kid left at daycare has it's advantages, or disadvantages...I guess it's all in how you look at it! hehe) Anyway, these were some of my favorites.

 This is one is too bright, but I love her eyes, so I am just going to see if I like it in print and decide when we get there.

 This one is my favorite.

Its really too bad you can't here what she was saying in the photos..  I think the "Ohh, wittle you want your mama?? Are you scared??...I won't hurt you, wittle bunny," that she says in a sweet soft little voice could probably melt Antarctica. Or Iceland...wait..I don't think Iceland is really cold, is it?? Well, you get the picture.

(Sometimes it weirds me out to post pictures of other peoples kids. However, I DID have her mom's permission to do this! =-) )


Meg said...

How cute! Hope you have a great time!

Melanie said...

Cute pictures!! I like the middle one best, where she is kissing the rabbit. Good luck with the contests!! Have a great weekend!

Rhonda said...

All those photos are great! Thanks for sharing them! All the weekend activities sound like a lot of fun. Have a good time!