Wednesday, October 20, 2010

KSRBA Photo Contest

See the very cool ribbons I brought home this past weekend?? Seriously, they are the COOLEST ribbons I have ever won. Not that I've won many.  This makes numbers 3 and 4.

I won 1st and 2nd place in the 18 and over group.  18 and over.  It makes me feel young. Until I stop to think just how over 18 I really am. Oh well.

The pictures that won with were ones I almost left at home, but put in anyway just because.  

This is the one that got first.   This is Big Mama with one of her babies from this spring. 

This picture makes me smile.  Big Mama is one of the best mama bunnies we have.. Her babies are always huge, fat, and clean, and she loves being a mom. She gets excited and acts proud when she's got kits, and seems depressed at times when others close to her have babies and she doesn't. That being said, you can totally see the look of annoyance on her face as that clingy baby napped on her back.  Even in the animal world, sometimes moms just need a break and even furry children can be annoying.

And this one was second.  

I was surprised as there were lots of pictures there, and they were all better than mine. I even felt a little silly laying mine up on the table when we got there and even thought about not participating.
The rule of the contest was that the main focus of the pics had to be a bunny, and I think I took that away with my others that I took.
It was a lot of fun!


Rhonda said...

Congratulations, Becky! That's wonderful! VERY nice pictures! LOL about even rabbit moms getting *irritated* with their kids. :)

Melanie said...

I LOVE 'em! And thanks for the pics of Cami--she enjoyed showing them to her dad--"that's me" she told him---like he didn't already know that :-)

Sara said...

Way to go Becky! I just adore the one of the bunnies in the basket. I think you should contact Hallmark, because I think that would just make the sweetest Easter card!