Wednesday, February 16, 2011

4-H Days 2011

Tuesday evening was our local 4-H days. This is where kids do project talks, demonstrations, music and band numbers, and readings in front of a judge and then are judged on their performances.

This year Tristen didn't do a talk, but he did do 2 musical numbers with the 5th grade 4-H members that were in band. They sounded great and got a blue!!

Next year Tristen says he's doing a talk, to which his brother responded, "Well, I am NOT!" ;)

This was Jacob's first year for doing a talk, and he did a demonstration on the Havana rabbit. He took a bunny of  each variety and told about what was required of  each according to the standard.  He knew all of his information, and just memorized the order he wanted to give it in, and was able to do it with no papers or notes.

He did great and ended up getting 2nd Blue for the Jr demonstrations...aka..the alternate for regionals. I did notice when he got nervous he focused on the bunnies instead of looking around. The judge was really nice, and wrote some encouraging comments for him. She did ask some "funny" questions that I wasn't expecting, (Can you breed a broken to a solid color? and Do you do anything commercially with them?)  and after she was done she told Jacob that she used to raise rabbits too!

( I totally loved it -- she had over 200 rabbits when she raised them. We catch heck ALL THE TIME about our small herd, so I thought it was great she put that out there and maybe people will catch on we are not all THAT strange and different. ;) )

It was a great night and I am very proud of my boys!


~Tonia said...

Great job! To your boys! Its always fun to talk to some one like the judge who has had rabbits or other animals like that. Also nice to know you arent the only crazy person huh??lol

Melanie said...

Jake did a great job on his talk. .and he reminded me very much of his dad to listen to the way he answered questions and the way he conducts himself as well as his mannerisms!! I was tickled to see that resemblance!! I'm also glad Tristen wants to do a talk next year too. .great lessons!

Rhonda said...

Glad the 4-H days went well! Wow, 200 rabbits is a LOT. In Mom and Dad's earlier married years, they raised rabbits for awhile. They kept having to build more hutches. Not sure how many they had, but evidently a pretty good amount!