Wednesday, February 2, 2011

B-Ball, Wind Chills, and Flu Bugs! OH MY!

Saturday found us packing up to head to Dodge to watch sister Michelle play in a high school basketball tournament.
It was a rough game, with us trailing  behind until the last quarter, when we pulled ahead and won first place! The atmosphere in that gym was electrifying. I've never clapped and screamed and stomped my feet so much in my life as I did those last few minutes of that game.

The last play of the game, I watched as my sister fell over a player and didn't get back up. It's sick feeling when you see someone you love not jump right back up while playing sports.. She did get up, just really slow and with help, and my husband stopped me from running on to the court and embarrassing the pee-wads out of  her. But as soon as they got their medals and were lining up for their pictures, I was down the stairs, with my brother trailing close behind. She had re-injured her hamstring and will have to have another week of PT.  We are all crossing our fingers she didn't REALLY hurt it this time.
During the game, I started feeling really hot and clammy, and my stomach started feeling funky.  I thought it was probably because of how many people where in there.  It was so hot and loud.   We went out to eat  and all I could eat was a few bites of a milk shake. When I woke up the next morning,  I was sick with the stomach flu.
I don't remember the last time I've felt that bad. I stayed in bed most the day Sunday, and THOUGHT I was better on Monday, but ended up only being up out of bed for about 2 hours the entire day.  Jake called around 9am from school.
"Mom, can someone come get me? I have a fever and a stomachache."   Dan took the rest of the day off to run between our bedroom and the couch, taking care of us. Fun times.
 Tuesday found me feeling better, but still weak and shaky.  I'm working today, but still can't stand the sight of raw meat and am just trying to catch myself up on basic nourishment, like water, for starters.

Around 2am Saturday morning, Jake's new bunny, YAWN, had 7 babies. 5 brokens, 2 solid blacks. I was pleased she delivered on one of the warmest nights, because Sunday night the temp dropped and the wind blew.  We ended up with just a scattering of snow, but the wind chills have been just bitter, so school was canceled Tuesday and Wednesday.
We brought the nest box inside in the warmth,and take them out first thing in the morning for the babies to nurse. They are fat and sassy little things. This is Jacob's first litter with brokens, so he's anxious to see how they do as they grow. He was VERY excited to see 2 chocolate brokens in the mix. They are sure cute and we are enjoying having babies around again! (yeah yeah yeah--they DO resemble rats to you non-bunny people. But to us...they are adorable!)

Dan's off in a bit to buy a new car battery. Did I mention I'm ready for spring?

Stay warm!!


Rhonda said...

Sounds like you had it rough, Becky - glad you're getting better. (Jacob too.) Congratulations on Michelle and her team's win! I'll bet that was some game! I can just imagine the excitement. Cute baby bunnies, but they look so "bare" to have to be enduring such cold weather! That'll be fun to watch them grow.

Melanie said...

Yikes. .that is some crap, eh?? I would have called you this morning to see how long it would last. .but I just didn't have the energy! Might be on the mend now tho, and hope to see you in the morning!!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness! I about woke my kids up when I read "pee-wads"! For some reason, that just cracked me up! We are so glad to have you up and running again. What you described is exactly how I felt at PEO last Thursday night...not fun! And Cambree was just telling us about those babies tonight at dinner. Only she told us they had hair, LOL!!