Monday, February 21, 2011


First of all, do you see that?? ^^^^^  My counter??? Spring is getting closer and closer!!!  I've been THRILLED to see things start poking up out of the ground.  My poppies have come up, as well as some Tulips. I'm still finishing up seed and plant orders. It's so hard to decide when you want to grow a bit of everything. Must get that all ordered very soon!

Tristen is in Horticulture in 4-H this year and has been a growing fool. He's trying to decided what he wants to grow in the garden this year, but has already been playing around inside with some seeds. He got a kit for Christmas that came with all sorts of cool, strange seeds, like Eyeball plants, with a little dome greenhouse to start them in.  I can't get anything to grow from seed, but his are doing great. They've gotten lots of new leaves on them. As long as I don't touch them, they should be ok. ;)  (I might have to snag the little dome after he's done with it!)

He's also growing a bit of wheat. For Kansas Day at school everyone got cup of dirt with some wheat, and he has really enjoyed watching his sprout!

Jake's been keeping busy with the bunnies.   He's got some new litters due spaced out with in the next month. One he's REALLY excited about, as mom is a chocolate and the dad is a chocolate carrier. He's really wanting some new chocolates to show!!  His babies I blogged about a few weeks ago are just a bit over 3 weeks now. Jacob had to kick them out of the nest box. They were very attached to it. We've never had a litter that just refused to leave it. They are also very attached to each other and their mom more than what we've seen in the past.  See what I mean:

 There are 3 babies all grouped together sitting and stacked on mom's head. Yawn doesn't seem to mind though. (I minded...I took them all off her head and she just looked at me and sighed. I know exactly how you feel, sister!!)

 Jacob will be starting track soon...didn't I JUST by basketball shoes?? I've really enjoyed having him come home right after school and it will be hard getting used to practices again.

A lot of the MEN in my life are claiming we will have one more snow storm before spring hits. How I hope they are wrong!!


Melanie said...

I hope they are wrong too!! I'm not sure I can handle much more winter. Jake's babies are getting so big!! You should bring Tristen down to look at the really simple set up I have in my basement to start seeds. .he could log it as a horticulture field trip ;-)

Sara said...

Would you like to make a list of things for me to plant at my house? I really want to be able to grow things and enjoy it, but it just hasn't happened yet!

Rhonda said...

I like your "spring" counter - that's only a little over 3 weeks! :) I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed another round. Tonight and tomorrow, we're supposed to have a good chance for THUNDERSTORMS. That's my sign of spring - thunder! :) I'm curious to see the next bunnies that are born, that sounds interesting.