Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Whining

It's cold. Bitter cold. There is snow on the ground. Lots of snow. BLAH.

It stinks having bunnies in the winter months. February is usually the month I daydream about not having any buns. No frozen water crocks to unthaw. No more lugging water jugs to the barn several times a day. No more fingers sticking to the aluminum water crocks. No more slipping cold newborn babies down into your bra to warm them up.(You haven't LIVED until you've done THAT!)  No more running nest boxes full of babies out to mamas in10 below temps and wind so cold it burns your skin. (Our life would be very sad and boring without the bunnies, so my daydreaming never really lasts long after I think about that! ;-) )
Short as the month may be...FEBRUARY SEEMS TO LAST FOREVER.

The winter weather did provide us with some snow days. I love snow days, or at least I enjoy the first one of the season. This one I didn't enjoy. It could because of:

 The salt, mud, wet blobs, and snow my boys tracked in over and over. I finally just stopped cleaning it up.

 The mounds and mounds of wet hats, gloves, jeans and socks,

or the many pairs of wet shoes and boots just kinda of laying around wherever they are thrown as the cold feet they were attached to run for a pair of warm and dry socks.

Next year I'm considering flying south for the winter with the birds, or hibernating all season like a bear!


~Tonia said...

Been there and done that!! With All of it!!Lol Its almost over!

Melanie said...

Hibernating like a bear. .hmmm. .never thought of that. .I think we could make it work. .Who wouldn't like tanking up on food for weeks and then taking a 4 month nap??? Sign me up too!!