Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am one of the people who believe "if its too good to be true, it probably is."  Danny has instilled in my brain not to play any games on the internet, or to click on the "You've won! Click here to claim your prize." so much, that I usually do not pay any attention to junk that like anymore.
However, the last week or December, everyone was talking about a game on Nescafe Dolce Gusto's Facebook page, where if you won at a game, they would send you a free coffee maker.  SURE, I thought...when pigs fly.  I got a text message from my cousins wife...I WON, she said. So I popped over to their page. It LOOKED real. What the heck, I thought. I'll try to play. So I "liked" their page, and played for once a day for 2 days, both times ending up not being a winner. One the last day of the contest, at 6am in the morning,  I WON!  All I had to do was type in my shipping info, and push submit. LOOKS legit. But surely not.  I get a confirmation email, and then I get a SHIPPING confirmation email, and THEN, MONDAY, A PACKAGE shows up, with THIS inside:

Holy Moly. I really won something. This machine retails for $99.99. The only drawback is that the capsules are a bit pricey--$9.49 for 16, so this sure won't be used every day, or probably even once a week.  My husband likes to point out that even though I FEEL like I got the machine for free, it's the company who really is winning, since I will be buying the capsules now. He's such a sour puss, isn't he? His realistic thinking sometimes gets on my nerves. ;)

Oh well--Free machine, expensive capsules and DOES make a MEAN cup of Cappuccino!


Andi and Kurt said...

Kurt would tell me I could resell the coffee maker at half the price and still come out ahead. ;)


Rhonda said...

How cool is that??? :) Pretty neat!

Melanie said...

I'll bring the cinnamon rolls. .what time is the coffee?? Those machines look so cool. .But that has always been the holding back part. .when you look at how much the pods cost!! Enjoy it!