Monday, January 23, 2012


The BEST BLT's EVER made!

Our pigs have made it back the freezer. My husband may just love this pork more than he loves me. We have had some sort of pork product every day since Friday. The result? I love homegrown beef, and I love homegrown pork too.   I was woken up at 5am yesterday to the smell of bacon. Jacob decided to cook him up some before he went coyote hunting.

So far we have tried ham steak, pork chops, bacon..lots and lots of bacon, and mild sausage. The bacon I was worried about, because it "looked different" then the stuff in the store. But--thats because the stuff in the store is junk.  The flavor is wonderful and perfect. There isn't that over powering smack of sodium you get with a lot of bacon you buy at the store.  And considering its bacon, I was very impressed with how little grease there was in the pan! I haven't gotten splattered with bacon grease once!

This is what was in the pan after cooking a lb of bacon.

We will now be doing this regularly. Danny already has plans to build a new lean to, so his next batch will have even more space to root around in. 

I had a few moments of sadness. I loved those cute little smiling pigs. Danny was quick to remind me that they were raised in the manner we believe in, which is the big reason we did this.  They rooted around like pigs are suppose to, were not pumped full of medications, they were respected, they got treats, and came to get excited when they saw Danny...basically, they lived the good life, with just "one bad day" at the end.

Farm raised ROCKS!!


Rhonda said...

LOL - "stuff at the store is junk." I imagine that was so good! Now you've made me hungry for BLT. And is that avocado with it? My guys wouldn't touch that, or the lettuce, ha ha, but I'll have to remember that.

Melanie said...

We got our pork a few weeks ago too from Kurt and Andi. You're right. .good stuff. .and I LOVE having my own meat in the freezer!!

Megan said...

Interested in selling some of the next batch?