Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Official!!

We have a kid in high school. *gulp* How did this happen?? Wasn't it last week I was getting up in the middle of the night with a newborn, fully convinced I would never sleep again??  Amazing.

Before I post about his graduation, there is a song that was shared with me last week. It makes me cry, and it beautifully expresses my feelings I've had over the past week. Listen to it!!

Monday evening was the big night! Well, for us, anyway.  In typical man behavior, Jacob thought 8th grade graduation was just about the stupidest ritual ever. He seemed to have a lot of fun though, and was very happy to get out of school a few days before his brother did. He stayed at his buddies house the night before graduation,  checked out at school, graduated, went the the dance, and then a couple of his friends stayed here, in the tent, until it started raining at 4am, and they invaded the house.   He opened up his first checking account with his cash gifts he received, and has discovered thank you cards..well, they are not really so much fun, especially when you write like a doctor.

The 8th graders made an identity book, where they wrote about themselves. My Family, Me Back When, and The Feeling Me, are just a couple of the categories  I love this book, and will be keeping it FOREVER.  I saw the Jacob I know, but I also learned a lot about him through his writing.

I learned he loves his family, that he thinks we are normal, and that he hates conflict within his family unit.  He loves his friends and relies on them, and probably will be sporting a police uniform someday.

There was one part that made me cry, under "People I Admire".

"The first person I admire is my grandpa Mike. I admire him because my grandpa is very strong. A normal person probably wouldn't have lived through the things he had been through."


"I also admire my parents.  I admire my parents because they always set a good example for me."




Melanie said...

Aren't those memory book so cool?? My mom read Grant's and then asked to read Tristan's. .which I was able to pull right out for her. Today Jeremy was lining everyone out for their daily job. .we need to get some schedules set up for them to get in their work and their play time!! Ready for a long weekend!!!

Sara said...

Oh heart was a little sad for you with this post. It's so hard to watch them grow up and yet they do and your boys are just proof that they can grow up to be good kids! Jacob is a great kiddo....GOOD JOB mom and dad!