Monday, May 21, 2012


Here's a short and sweet version of the weekend.
Michelle graduated. Yes, diploma was signed. I cried. Took lots of pictures. Family came. They ate. We hugged. They left. Cleaned up. 
Yep..that's basically how it was.

My brother ,Eric, my sister, Michelle, and ME

My Dad and Chelle

My parents and their LAST little bird...they think they need a LONG rest after getting her raised!

My moms uncles. I kinda like these guys a little.

We laugh a lot when we are together.

The 2 graduates.  Michelle from High School, and Jacob from 8th grade!!

My first born, my bald headed baby boy, who grew up in a blink, will graduate from the 8th grade tonight.. Stayed turned for that post..I'm pretty sure there will be pictures!!


Rhonda said...

Special time - thanks for sharing the pictures! :)

Melanie said...

LOVE that picture of Chelle and Jake!! Wishing her the best of luck!