Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Weekend

Whew..ever need a weekend away from your weekend?? That's how ours has been.

Yesterday afternoon we were talking about how we needed to go camping, which turned into a discussion about setting up the tent in the yard for the guys to sleep in, which turned into  "how much fun" it would be to camp in the tree row at the farm. So that's what we did.

I, for one think its a lot more fun to camp when there's a lake to fish near by. And a toilet. And AC. And running water. No, I am not what you call a camper.

I didn't even grab extra clothes. Just my camera, my cell phone, and my bird book.

It wasn't what I would call a grand time, but it was nice.  Dan set up our tent so it faced the wheat field. Jacob and I took some nice pictures, just as the light was juuuust right as the sun was setting.

They shot a few cans off fence posts, I bird watched a little, sat around and enjoyed the sound of the wheat waving,and that's about all we did.  None of us slept great. I was uncomfortable, and then couldn't sleep--I  kept thinking about how creepy the tree row is in the daytime, and here we were camping in it at night. And the guys couldn't sleep because apparently the new brand of nose strips I got for my snoring, don't work. HAHA Dan told me we were all perfectly safe as I had scared away any wildlife in the area. ;)

Checking on the Sand Plums. Looks like jelly will be happening this year!!

I may gripe about dry and windy Kansas quite a bit, but she sure does have those sun sets down to perfection!

After a restless night, we packed up, and headed to town. I headed to eat lunch with some of my classmates, who were in town to celebrate our 15 year reunion. Not many were able to make it, but we still had a great time seeing each other. 2 of these guys I had not seen since we left the school on graduation day.

After lunch we toured our high school. Lots have changed there, but my friend Amy and I discovered the girls locker room smelled EXACTLY the same, and were transformed suddenly to 7th grade.  Hopefully we can get more to come to our 20th.  It was a lot of fun to be with the people who went through the most awkward time of your life with you, and meeting their wives and kiddos!

I'm off for a nap!! Have a great Memorial Day!!


Melanie said...

Love the sunset photos!! It didn't take me too many camping trips. .and popped air mattresses to become the winner of a big-man cot for my birthday one year!! It makes ALL the difference. .at least on the second night :-)

Rhonda said...

LOL about the "creepy tree row."