Sunday, May 6, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Oh Mylanta. Is it summertime yet???  I seem to have so much to write about, but its random stuff, so I thought I'd just add pictures with little tid-bits of our happenings.

We HAVE been super busy, and Friday found me on the verge of tears all day. My feelings were very close to the surface. Anyway, Saturday morning I slept until 9, and this morning I slept until 9:30. I think I was just really tired and my fuel tank was on empty.

Tristen is officially done with his track season and Jacob will be after Thursday. Jacob seems a bit sad its almost over. He really has enjoyed his season and his coaches.   I, however, won't miss packing lunches. After a couple of weeks you just seem to run out of lunch box creativity.

We officially have survived another April of birthdays!! This above was Tristen's cake. Didn't our cute little cake maker do a fantastic job??? I told her that he was 12 and loved Monster Energy, and this was the result. She even made the frosting Monster flavored. It was a huge hit!!

And THIS girl is officially ready for college. And she will be playing basketball.  The very handsome guy behind her is my dad. ;)  I am so very proud of her and will be needing some new team t-shirts and probably new tires of my car, so I can go cheer her on.

My dwarf Hotot doe had a cute little singleton.  And I do mean CA-UTE!! He's spoiled rotten, and the bigger he got, the more excited  I got about showing him..until one day I noticed a spot behind one of his ears..a DQ. =( And it IS a little buck, which I don't need. So my heart is a little torn.  If he turns out to be nicer than his dad, I might keep him. I just don't know. Or I may just keep him anyway.  I DO know, that I am really enjoying him and this is the sweetest bunny we have ever had. Jacob has named him Buster. At any given time any one of us will be out in the barn snuggling with him. He's 2 weeks old and weighs a whopping 3oz. Aren't those little ears the cutest thing you've ever seen??

And we've really been enjoying the blooms in our yard the past few weeks. My friend Melanie told me she'd had a hummingbird at her house, so I put my feeder out a few days later. Was a good thing, because I had one the next day! =D Honeysuckle bush I planted year before last FINALLY bloomed. We had one if our yard when I was growing up, and I remember sleeping with the windows open and the smell blowing in. Delicious!!

We've gotten our garden MOSTLY planted. Still needing to get the Okra planted. I planted beets a few weeks ago and they either never..NONE OF THEM..came up, were washed away with the rain, or some animal REALLY loves young beets. They are ALL gone.  Good thing I didn't plant all seeds. I'll have to try again!

And I'll spare you the picture of this one. Tristen is really bummed-- his heifer, Black Out, has developed several patches of Ring Worm.  She looks pretty rough, and resembles something that came out of the ghetto.  We've been treating her like crazy, but it really stinks it had to pop up now, just in time for our county spring show.  *itch itch itch*  These things never happen it seems in the dead of winter when nothing is going on!  So he won't be participating at the show, but he sure wants to be there to watch it! =)

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!!


Melanie said...

Glad the hummer showed up. .the baby bunny is SOOO cute. .we are enjoying our new batch of kitties, like you are enjoying your bun! Glad school is almost over!

Rhonda said...

tired college bunny ringworm

Wow I'll tell you, that being tired can really get you out of sorts. Hope you're getting rested up. I'm glad for Michelle, about college, that will be exciting! I'm sure y'all will keep that road hot. LOL That little bunny is too cute. And I hope the ringworm problem clears up before the fair!