Tuesday, March 31, 2009


J's rabbit was due today to have her babies. She had started building her nest day before yesterday and then she started pulling fur out yesterday afternoon, so we knew she was getting close.
She didn't get really has fat as she did last time so I was expecting her to have 3-4 babies. Last time she had 5 and looked like a furry dump truck.
So after work yesterday we took a trip to Dodge. The cupboards were bare here at the Bruckner house, and honestly just like shopping out of town sometimes for a variety. I feel like I buy the same things over and over here. School had been canceled again for today so it wasn't a big deal that we would be getting back late.
We get home at 11, and J grabs the flashlight and says he's going on a baby check. Runs back in a few seconds later: THERE'S BABIES!!! I panicked because we lost all the babies last time from the cold. We had already talked about bringing the nest box inside at night (They only eat once a day) just till the weather warms up a bit and becomes more "stable!" HA! So I run out there and bring it in and pull back there fur....and am greeted by a HUGE blob of little arms, legs, tails, noses...there are so many in there I just gasp and stare for a moment. There are *9* babies!!
9 BABIES!!! J is excited and in disbelief.
I hope this litter goes ALOT smoother than the last one!!

And it seems really weird that I just blogged about baby bunnies. Oh well. =-)


Shawn said...

Wow! 9 baby bunnies! Yikes! Totally cool also!

princessdiva said...

I bet J was excited!! C and I went for a walk around the house ysty when we got home. We found a rabbit in the back that must have been looking for babies. SHe wouldn't run away from us and kept sniffing the ground. She ran toward us once (mind you we were only about 5 feet from her) and we decided to take off! I brought my lunch today and decided to catch up on my buddies over noon hour! See ya later M