Monday, February 15, 2010


Do ever have those days/weeks/months where you feel as though you just are failing at life? I just had one of those weeks, and think I am about to have a breakdown of some sort.  So, if you see on the news that a mom wearing ducky pajama bottoms is Kansas has locked herself in her bedroom with buckets of ice cream and refuses to come out, please don't panic. Its just me.  Don't send help, just send more ice cream.

Honestly we are just so busy right now its like I am drowning. I can not keep up with who needs to be where, what is due where, what we need to take here or there, who we need to PICK UP here. ACK.  I am forgetting to do things, make things, and plan things.  I hate it. And honestly, we are not any busier than any other family out there.  My family's time management leader just can't seem to get her head out of the clouds.

I didn't get the menu last week planned out. WOW! I didn't realize exactly how much that had simplified my life until it wasn't there. Last week I just did meal by meal, and going to the grocery store everyday. YUCK!

I am also in this frame of mind I drive myself and my family crazy noticing things. All things.  Spots in the carpet, cobwebs in the corners, chipped paint, papers, broken toys,....EVERYTHING seems amplified.    My friend L told me one time that when I get like this, I just need to leave and just walk away and that when I come back things will not be as I had seen them before.  So far it isn't working. HAHA

I know  a lot of this has to do with the weather. I am so sick of winter and snow.  I feel like a caged animal.

Its the start of a new week, and I am determined to make this week better than the last!  Off to make lists and menus!


Melanie said...

A wise person once said "This too shall pass." You'll come out on top--your menu this week--hamburgers, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, and tacos--very international :-) But you know, nothing sounds too terrible about being locked in the bathroom ALONE, with ICE CREAM--either way, you got it made!

Unknown said...

Well daughter....first of all, listen to Mel. Secondly, realize we are all human!! Look at all of your accomplishments and most importantly, look at your family!! Doesn't get much better than that.

To me, cobwebs and spots are what makes a home.......well maybe not as bad as some of my clutter is...but you have a roof over your head.

And dear daughter...if you lock yourself in yer bedroom....your dad will go downtown in his "sponge-bob" boxers (nuttin' else) and wheel up and down main street telling everyone that I am your dad!!! :-)

You are so much like your grandmother in many, many ways!!!!

Love ya,

Rhonda said...

Wow, I hope things ease up and get better for you soon! Yeah, it could very well be "cabin fever," or some such thing.

Sara said...

You are definitely not in this boat alone! There are more times then I would like to admit that I feel this exact same way. And I don't even have kids old enough to have activities yet!

Something that usually helps me is to just pick one of those things that is eating at me and get it taken care of...and even just picking up the daily clutter makes it all seem better!

These are also the days when I have to remind myself that I would much rather be busy than not!

And I am working on adding more recipes and menus to the blog, so hopefully that will keept you going on the food front!

Chin up Becky, you are a terrific woman!