Friday, February 26, 2010

A Note From Mr. G.Pig

Dear Friends and Family,

I am settling in nice here on the Funny Farm.  I still think these 2 legged creatures are strange, and the small ones are WAY to loud, but they are starting to grow on me.  I really like the chubby one.  She's nice and feeds me.

The tall one says I eat better than he does.  Every morning the chubby one gives me one whole carrot, a handful of spring mix lettuce, a bowl of pellets and a half an apple. My hind end is starting to get a bit....wide.  The tall one likes to make fun of of my chunky butt, but the chubby one always defends me, saying us chubby creatures have to stick together. I sure like her.   The shortest one of the group likes to play with me the most and lets me roam around. Sometimes he forgets though, and leaves me out.  I like to scare the chubby one when she doesn't know I am loose...hehe.  The tallest of the short ones is usually the one that cleans out my cage. He's a good guy.  He is really nice to me and likes to get me out of my cage to watch some TV with him.  My favorite show is George Lopez. 

The chubby one also says that she likes me more than she thought she would.  I am glad.  She has decided I am not rodent like at all, but that I seem to be more like a 2 year old child stuck inside this body.  I express my feelings very well.  And I am very needy and demanding.

Every morning, as I hear the creatures starting to start their day, I like to let them know I am hungry.   I sound a bit like burglar alarm: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEK, squeak, squeak, squeak, WHEEEEEEEEK....  Its very  VERY loud and can be heard clear across the house. This usually gets them to care for my needs pretty fast.  I also do this anytime I hear anyone in the refrigerator  or any sort of wrapper crackling.  I get pretty disappointed when I learn that that food was not meant for me.


MR Guinea Pig


Sara said...

Never would have thought to post from a pet's perspective...but you rocked it! Got a great laugh this morning and I needed one after being up most of the night with a teething baby!

Melanie said...

HAHA-you crazy girl!! Though I don't think you will convince me that they aren't SO bad!! EEK! Better look out--your grocery bill for the multi-legged creatures will soon EAT the grocery bill for the 2 legged creatures! :-)

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. G. many ways we are similar. We both depend on others to take care of our basic needs. I admire your honesty. However, when my 'handlers' don't put me away and I run naked through the house scaring people, they don't have the patience that your handlers seem to have. Mine have talked about putting me in a "special place" for some reason. Sounds exciting....perhaps I will see you there some day!! :-)