Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines Day

We had a great laid back Valentines Day!  It was 4-H Sunday, so we went to church with other 4-Hers and then met for pizza later on.

I made the boys each a little heart shaped cake decorated with candy.  Junk food is always a hit at our house.  We usually try to have a special meal, and this year D was craving T-Bones, so he grilled some up on the grill while I made some baked potatoes and hot buttered bread.  I also made a chocolate ribbon pie for desert. My men love those French Silk pies that you can buy, and so far this is the closest thing we've found to one that's made homemade.  Not exactly the same pie, but close and pretty tasty!!

D surprised me by making me a little "treasure box" out of walnut to put some of my special "stuff" in. =)  It's beautiful and perfect!

Hope your Valentines Day was great!